Other things caller Bill’s truck can do…
10. It can travel back in time and help Greg Oden get away from the stampeding wooly mammoths. Matt, windsor
9. Bill’s truck is the only truck allowed in chuck norris’ garage…
8. We may not have been to the moon but bills truck has. UNT
7. Bill’s truck: Spending 5 minutes in Bill’s truck, makes you a better person. Kris/detroit
6. Bill’s truck is the only truck Mike Babcocks hair allows itself to travel in….chris in okemos
5. From Jeremy. Bills truck convinced Cam Newton to PAY IT 160,000 dollars for a ride to the National championship game.
4. Bill’s truck is taking it’s talents to South Beach! -Mark in Grand Blanc
3. From milkman joe…Bill’s truck doesn’t pop trannys
2.Bill’s truck was the final piece to complete the trade for Carmello to the Nets – toad in farmington hills
1. Dont be fooled where do you think the Escape came from??..Bill’s truck had an affair with a Taurus..david from canton