Detroit City Council has rejected a proposal to finance the new police and fire headquarters at the old MGM Grand Casino.

WWJ’s Florence Walton reports the vote was 6-3 to reject Mayor Dave Bing plans to finance renovation of the new headquarters.

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Council President Charles Pugh said the financing will be revisited after Bing works with council on many issues.

“Once we talk about things that are germane and pressing matters then we’ll come back to the table about any cooperation,” Pugh said.

Council has been upset about the Cable Commission not broadcasting council meetings, but many council members also voiced concern about approving $100-million for a $60-million project and not know what the rest of the money would be used for.

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Mayor Dave Bing says the City Council has chosen “politics over public safety” in rejecting the bond for a new police headquarters.

In a statement released Friday morning, the Mayor criticized Pugh for suspending city business until citizens can see council meetings on public access television.

“It is unfortunate that he and some of his colleagues view media exposure as a bigger priority than public safety,” a statement from the mayor said. “A consolidated headquarters will increase efficiencies, and help address critical issues such as the response time that some Council members have pretended to be a priority. Citizen safety should be non-negotiable.”

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Renovation work at the new headquarters building was expected to start Monday.