Five schools are coming down in Farmington.  The Farmington School Board has voted to tear down the buildings left vacant in a recent reorganization. 

The district has been consolidating after losing students.  The teardown list includes: Eagle Elementary School, Fairview Early Childhood Center, Flanders Elementary School, William Grace Elementary School and Wooddale Elementary.

The Farmington Public Schools’ Board of Education voted 7-0 to approve the District’s recommendation to demolish  the five vacant schools.

The school board noted the five schools contain cabinetry and other fixed equipment valued at about $300,000 that can be reused in the remaining schools.

All of the sites are zoned residential providing very limited reuse opportunity for the buildings in addition to the high cost of security and maintenance of the vacant school buildings which have an average age of 50 years.

Student enrollment projections are expected to continue to decline over the next five years which means there is little likelihood that the space will be needed.

Click on the full report of the administrative recommendations for more information.


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