DEARBORN (WWJ) On the day Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak is to appoint a new government protests continue in Cairo and locally people showed their support for the Egyptian protestors.

With chants in English and Arabic, some two hundred protestors took to the streets of Dearborn to show their support for the protests taking place in Egypt this weekend. 

Just outside Dearborn City Hall people came from many communities to show their sympathy for the protestors in Egypt and their demand for the removal of President Mubarak, who has been in power over 30 years.

WWJ’s Beth Fisher spoke with one of the supporters, “I am so happy and so sad at the same time,” said Asaad Mohammad, “sad for the martyrs and all these guys that got killed trying to peacefully gain their freedom, but at the same time very happy, finally we are going to live free, over there.”

WWJ spoke with Shereef Akeel from Rochester, “A people who have been oppressed economically for many years, and are now at the point where they say, ‘enough is enough’,” adding, “People are taking it upon themselves to go to the streets and demand a change for a better life. Never would the Egyptian-Americans or Egyptians imagine this would occur in their lifetime.”

 The protests are the most serious challenge to Mubarak’s rule since he came to office nearly 30 years ago.  Egyptian security officials say at least 35 people including 10 police officers  have died. 

Additionally, the unstable situation in Egypt is affecting the tourism industry.

Cruise companies, tour providers and solo U.S. travelers are having to cancel trips and change plans.

The State Department has issued a travel alert Friday urging Americans to defer any non-essential travel to Egypt because of the large anti-government protests.

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