DETROIT (WWJ) A large group of travelers, many from metro Detroit, were in Egypt but are now on their way home.

But it wasn’t an easy task making it all happen. 

Ihab Zaki is with Spiekermann Travel in Eastpointe. The agency specializes in travel to the Mideast, particularly to Egypt.

He had one large group of 112 people in the country, “Today we had a plane pick them (metro-Detroit travelers) up from Jordan, …. to Tel-Aviv to Athens then to the U.S.,” Zaki said.

Zaki says communication with Egypt was particularly troublesome, because the government has pretty much disabled the Internet and cell phone communication. The only way to do it is the old-fashioned way-he used a land line.

Zaki says people in the smaller cities have to get to Cairo, and then hope for a flight out of the country. “I know there are 1000’s that are stranded in the Cairo airport already,” Zaki cautions.


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