Auburn Hills-based CJPS Medical Systems says it has added Wi-Fi capability on its VitalPoint remote patient monitor, a medical device capable of measuring patients’ vital signs from home while allowing direct communication with their caregiver and generating HIPAA-compliant electronic medical records.

With VitalPoint’s intuitive color touch screen menu specifically designed for the older population for which it is targeted, patients receive automatic reminders, instructions, or custom questions from the caregiver. And caregivers can easily respond or send information without any technical knowledge, by simply pressing their answer right onto the screen.

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This newest feature allow patient to place the small four-pound monitor anywhere in the home, as long as they have high-speed wireless Internet service. Wi-Fi also allows the units to receive any future software updates automatically.

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“This single device, which can monitor blood pressure, blood oxygen saturation, pulse rate, weight, glucose level, prothrombin time and ratios, temperature, fluid status, and can provide electrocardiogram data, now allows more freedom to the patients in their home,” said CJPS CEO Christophe Sevrain. “We have a very aggressive schedule to keep adding user enhancements features to VitalPoint, without ever making our existing installed base of monitor that are currently in use, obsolete.”

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, eight out of 10 older Americans are living with the health challenges of one or more chronic diseases, ones that are long lasting, incurable, or recurrent. For these patients, prevention of reoccurrence and health monitoring are critical to their recovery, safety and quality of life, for which remote patient monitoring such a VitalPoint, has been shown to be extremely effective. They can help older adults slow the progression of chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, congestive heart failure, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and end-stage renal disease.

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