DETROIT (WWJ) – Detroit police haul an armed man into custody after he spent several hours inside of a west side house holding police at bay.

WWJ’s Mike Campbell reports from the scene that police did manage to take the man into custody without anyone getting hurt.

However, there were some pit bulls inside of the house, and police say they did have to shoot and kill one of the dogs; police say they felt they had to do shoot the dog in the interest of safety. They didn’t want the dog running unattended

Detroit Police Swat team (WWJ Photo)

 through the neighborhood.

Police don’t know what started the chain of events, but the suspect apparently started shooting in the neighborhood early in morning – sometime after 3:30am – and when police arrived, he continued shooting in the air. The suspect did not shoot at anyone in particular, but after he saw police, the man ran in the house and barricaded himself inside. Cops busted down the door, got inside, talked him out, and took him into custody.

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