DETROIT (WWJ) – Some people watch the Superbowl not just for football, but for the ads.  University of Detroit Mercy Marketing Professor Mike Bernacchi, who studies such matters, says this year is a game changer in terms of ads, and they’re calling it a “social media bowl.”

“Because almost every advertiser is going to be connected to social media in one way or another. Of course, they want you to buzz and create it before the game, they want you to do it during the game, and they want you to do it after the game, and in essence, the heck with the game, or other advertisers, just connect with Facebook, Twitter or YouTube and stay on them,” Brenacchi states.

Ads this year include domestic automakers who disappeared for a while, Bernacchi says Chevrolet also had a number of spots in the Superbowl.

Ad prices were way up this year; $3 million dollars for 30 seconds worth of advertising: that’s $100,000 dollars a second.

Other related Super Bowl commercials.

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Comments (2)
  1. DEW530 says:

    The new Chrysler ad featuring their new Chrysler 200 and upbeating — instead of beating up — the city of Detroit was just the best! NO, it wasn’t cute or sunny, but the message was clear: forget all of the negativism and trash talk, because we’re back,and doing very well, thank you.

  2. CHNMN says:

    Was in Pittsburgg watching the Super Bowl with a bunch of Steelers fans and was really proud to see how Detroit was featured in the Chrysler Ads.

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