DETROIT (WWJ) – These brave women and men already work in the city of Detroit — and now, Mayor Dave Bing wants police officers to live in the city as well.

Bing has been vocal about his desire to get police officers to move back into the city, and now he’s taking action by announcing a new incentive plan to get them to live where they work.

Currently, 53 percent of Detroit Police officers commute to work from the suburbs, and Bing says the number is even higher for firefighters.

As part of a pilot program called “Project 14” Detroit cops and firefighters who live in the suburbs will be offered renovated homes in the city for as little as $1,000.

Mayor Bing said this is one step in a plan to revitalize Detroit.

“Project 14 is one approach that my administration is deploying to take two challenges facing Detroit — public safety and vacant homes — and turn them into an opportunity for neighborhood revitalization,” Mayor Bing said.

“There are steps that we can and must take today to improve the quality of life for our citizens. That’s why I am announcing Project 14 — an initiative designed to encourage Detroit Police officers to live in the communities in which they serve,” Bing said.

The project is targeting homes in Detroit’s Boston-Edison and East English Village communities. Bing says funding for the project will come from neighborhood stabilization funding, HUD and partnerships with local banks and credit unions.  No tax dollars will be spent.

In 1999, the state legislature revoked a controversial rule that required Detroit police officers to live in the city.

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  1. Czechbikr says:

    What a wonderful retirement bonus. A lot of these folks will gladly accept a free piece of Real Estate and then promptly rent the property. It’s pure gravy, compliments of the entire USA. Stupid is as stupid does….and we “the people” are STUPID if we bail out failing institutions like states which can’t say no to the next big spending idea.

  2. Bob Smith says:

    Sorry, but the North American Pavement Ape has destroyed Detroit. There is no going back.

  3. Atotalloss says:

    HUD is a Federal agency, so tax dollars will be used. Detroit is a total loss. A ghetto where unions and minorities destroyed everything around them. This plan will fail. These $1000 homes, no doubt are in the worst part of town and no one will want to live their. Let free market rules apply. City is mismanaged by corruption and bad business practices = city is a loss and should be abandoned by the tax payer. If private business want to come back and restore civility, more power to them. For that to happen, the unions and similar ilk will have to go.

  4. NAFTA says:

    NAFTA was signed by George W. Turn off Glen Beck …and oxtcotin Rush…and learn before your mouth moves

  5. Gonein87 says:

    A Super Bowl commercial and renovated homes in Detroit is all that is needed. I’m selling my home, resigning from my job, and kissing the warm winter weather goodbye. Detroit, here I come!!!

  6. Elmer Mott says:

    I believe we have ignored the real issue here. What is the cause of the destruction of Detroit? We can blame the democrats, the unions,the blacks,welfare,affirmative action, greed and all other things associated with corrupt politicians but in my humble opinion the root cause is the ruination of our youth caused by drugs.

    I grew up in a small town in South Florida in the 50’s and 60’s we had very little crime. We had no drugs, not even pot. Most of you won’t believe me when I tell you we could go to bed at night without locking the doors.

    We have had a steady but persistent moral decaying of our country as the drug trade became more widespread. That same town I grew up in now has bars on the windows,and yes they do lock their doors.

    I predict that unless we humble ourselves and ask God to remove this blight from our country we will make Mexico seem tame.

    Pray for our leaders, Democrats and Republicans to have the courage to make and enforce laws that will rid us of this most horrible blight on our country

  7. Kneuter says:

    I am from Europ and can’t understand the system of Detroit. Here you become the price of the house and then you seach the money and deside what you can pay every month and for how long. Here you may pay 1.000 dollar… For how long? The principal thing is the total captital you need for living in town. Not what you had to pay every month. In Detroit you live from day to day without a view on the future. That is bad. Sorry for my comment. But major or not it is not correct to make such a mentality.

  8. City Luke says:

    Wow, I cannot believe what I am reading here. Not the article, but the comments. Most of you people are just ignorant, disgusting, racist, and illiterate. You talk about the people of Detroit being stupid? I think I have seen two posts on here that don’t have major spelling or grammatical errors. Most of you have probably never even been to Detroit, but because it’s mostly black, and mostly poor, you just have to come on here and comment about it. YOU are what’s wrong with America. And by the way, THE MAJORITY OF LARGE CITIES IN THIS COUNTRY ARE DEMOCRATIC! The nicest, and most expensive cities in this country to live in are Boston and San Francisco, according to real estate values, and they are both VERY, VERY BLUE, so Detroit’s state has NOTHING to do with Democrats, and everything to do with the outsourcing of American jobs to countries that have people that will work for $2 a day. THAT is what happened to Detroit. You people disgust me, and I would really like to see you go to a street corner, any street corner that you want in Detroit, or any large city for that matter, and start ranting the way that you are on here. But you won’t, because you are all cowards that have to hide behind your locked doors in your suburban or rural homes. You wouldn’t dare say these things out in public, because someone would smash your faces in! You people disgust me, and if you want to know what’s wrong with America, look in the mirror!

  9. tell the truth says:

    thank god people die!

  10. tell the truth says:

    thank god people have an end!

  11. miahmdparash says:


    It’s a nice article it will help my research.


  12. asdfgh says:

    That’s so stupid. And dentist should let their teeth decay to feel the bond with their patients.

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