DETROIT (WWJ) – These brave women and men already work in the city of Detroit — and now, Mayor Dave Bing wants police officers to live in the city as well.

Bing has been vocal about his desire to get police officers to move back into the city, and now he’s taking action by announcing a new incentive plan to get them to live where they work.

Currently, 53 percent of Detroit Police officers commute to work from the suburbs, and Bing says the number is even higher for firefighters.

As part of a pilot program called “Project 14” Detroit cops and firefighters who live in the suburbs will be offered renovated homes in the city for as little as $1,000.

Mayor Bing said this is one step in a plan to revitalize Detroit.

“Project 14 is one approach that my administration is deploying to take two challenges facing Detroit — public safety and vacant homes — and turn them into an opportunity for neighborhood revitalization,” Mayor Bing said.

“There are steps that we can and must take today to improve the quality of life for our citizens. That’s why I am announcing Project 14 — an initiative designed to encourage Detroit Police officers to live in the communities in which they serve,” Bing said.

The project is targeting homes in Detroit’s Boston-Edison and East English Village communities. Bing says funding for the project will come from neighborhood stabilization funding, HUD and partnerships with local banks and credit unions.  No tax dollars will be spent.

In 1999, the state legislature revoked a controversial rule that required Detroit police officers to live in the city.

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    1. JOE SEPPE says:


  2. rollzone says:

    hello. Detroit needs automobile jobs. kick the oil barons out, build electric and hydrogen fuel cell, and renew the industry without as much unchallenged socialism. get investment from South Korea, Japan, and Germany, and rebuild the industry. kick Government Motors out of town. do it better, and all the social problems get funded by commerce. just watch the accountability. there would be a boon to gobble that real estate bonanza with employment opportunity, and your infrastructure for the automotive industry is huge. build the right cars.

  3. Jon says:

    I’ve never heard of a city that didn’t require their emergency personnel to reside there. And the article calls that “contraversial”?

    1. Bubu says:

      No, it calls it controversial.

  4. KEW says:

    There must be a Republican somewhere in the mix who has greatly contributed to the demise of Detroit. It can be all the fault of the Democrats. Or could it be?
    What is the saying? Fat, dumb and happy? Detroit is just another American city that is going down the toilet thanks to the welfare states they have become,

  5. Iraq Vet says:

    I suspect they live in the suburbs for a very good reason, and if they have kids why for the love of a free house would they subject their kids to the gang infested, third world education system and landfill that Detroit has become….Thanks Democrats, and thanks to the folks that keep voting for their own ruination.

  6. dbomb12 says:

    why not give the offer to Eminem and Ted nugent that should fix everything

  7. dwayne says:

    We just need Reps, not to be scared to say what you are saying.
    Just think, if the Dems could blame something as big as an entire city being broke, due to Reps. policies. What would the Dems do?

  8. TopTurtle says:

    Well lets get it on. The Democrats are just as idiotic as the Republicans say they are. But! The Republicans cannot see through their cult of leadership on GW Bush to the fact that he left them destroyed. Who is crazier? I suspect both would win the competition. Fact is Detroit did everything wrong like the Democrats intended. Fact is The USA set up its own citizens to pay high taxes and let businessmen go over seas to compete without taxes against them. The country is dying of the Free Trade adgenda. It is a trade war against Americans by their own government. It’s working people!

  9. Call me Ishmael says:

    I think the solution to Detroits crime problem is hard labor for boys and men that break the law. They fear no criminal penalties now. They only fear slavery, which is what chain gang work is. It would soothe the heart of every crime victim and strike terror in the heart of every gangsta. Work them to death, see if anybody cares. Our ancestors were tougher people than we are and they had tough solutions.

    1. willypguts says:

      Look up “gulag.”

  10. Michael Dean Miller says:


    Is it so difficult to believe that no one wants to live in a city run by black socialists, even if you get to carry a gun?


  11. Karmi says:

    Hard to believe that anyone wants to work in a city of hate like that…to live there!?!

  12. Lizzy says:

    You know if we had just shot everybody involved in the bar that started the riots, none of this wouldve happened.

    anyway, its an ideal move and as we know Ideal hardly reflects reality. you move detroit cops into the areas they serve and the people they need to protect from will try to kill them. Like angry students egging a strict teachers house. except the students are asshats in too baggy pants the teachers are cops the eggs are bullets and the houses are the families.

  13. cb says:

    If you bulldoze the entire city there would be no need for cops and firefighters at all. Consider it “urban renewal.”

  14. sorrow says:

    it is so sad to see the blacks hating on blacks

  15. udontwannano says:

    Detroit. Love it or leave it . . . otherwise STFU!

  16. Rick says:

    Encouraging new business to create employment sounds like a plan until you realize the employers would have to hire people that are union organizers and worse yet, who are products of the Detroit education system. Yeah, I’d put a business where my employees would be thugs with attitudes who could not read! Wouldn’t you?

  17. Jeff says:

    And Democrats say these sort of shenanigans aren’t Socialist. Could have fooled me.

  18. mycooperman says:

    I wouldn’t live in the cesspool called Detroit if you gave me a $1,000,000 mansion…It just needs to be blown up and forgotten…..

  19. Roger says:

    And your property taxes will be…. $10,000 per year. Suckas.

  20. Dave Tincher says:

    I live in Cincinnati, and we are starting to slide into a cess pool like Detroit. The city of Cincinnati is building a casino to bring jobs. I think detroit thought this would work also. Stupid demmocrats robbing peter to pay paul and the local government cutting the pot on the poor.

  21. a says:

    love shacks going for only 1,000 per girlfriend x 3 girlfriends = 3,000. i’m in.

  22. James says:

    I hope each of you commenting on this article has seen or will see the email circulating comparing pictures of Hiroshima with pictures of Detroit 65 years after Hiroshima was bombed to help expedite the end of World War II. One is a vibrant and thriving city that rebuilt after being destroyed by an atomic bomb during the war; the other was once a vibrant and thriving city that was destroyed by Democrat (New Society) programs and policies and now looks like a war zone. I think you may see that some policies are more destructive than war, just take a little longer to implement their destruction.

    1. Michael Dean Miller says:


      Yes, it’s easier to build on a clean slate than it is to put lipstick on a turd.


  23. Jack Nichols says:

    No one in their right mind would move back to Detroit. This gives new meaning to ” you couldn’t pay me to live there”

  24. JohnSmith says:

    Someone should dig up Abe Lincoln, point his corpse at the crumbling, worthless slums of the once proud Northern cities, and while shaking him, say, “See?, See! We Told You!, Every Last Word of What They Said Was True!!”

    1. willypguts says:

      Are you saying that the Rust Belt in the North is the consequence of people with black skin being free from slavery? If so, yeah, that’s just ignorant racism.

      The fall of Detroit and other Rust Belt cities is the result of (1) the globalization of manufacturing industries, (2) federal housing policies that subsidized suburban, single family home development at a rapid pace, thus weakening the tax pace of urban centers, (3) federal transportation policies that literally sealed off neighborhoods and complicated between the cities and suburbs, and (4) and state incentive programs that favored commercial and corporate investment in the suburbs instead of traditional city centers.

      The reason that the majority of urban centers are occupied by poor, racial minorities is because of (1) segregation policy that marginalized minorities, (2) redlining in federal housing programs and private bank mortgage practices which blocked off entire neighborhoods (only black neighborhoods) from being eligible to receive mortgages (and thus become homeowners), and (3) the economic development policies that favored job growth in the suburbs, and transportation policies that limited access to these new jobs to car owners while literally sealing off the already marginalized, minority neighborhoods from access to good jobs and education opportunities.

      Your suggestion that the blight of inner-city black communities is inherently a fault of those who are black is just stupid, ignorant, racist, and…of course, wrong.

  25. jgreene says:

    It’s over! Unless Black men and women CHANGE their behavior, black children will LOSE in the never ending spiral into destitution.

    Blacks were better off in the fifties and earlier when they believed in families. Until we STOP paying women to have children out of wedlock this will continue. Blacks seem to want to stay on the old Democrat Plantation and nibble on the government cheese and take drugs.

    1. Stingray says:

      First, the entitlement mentality must be changed at the politcal level where you can only obtain assistance if you are a prenant single parent. We, as a society, must encourage and focus on helping those who support the family unitiy. Only in this manner, should the entitlement be offered. You claim black men and women (this actually is not related to blacks alone) must change their behavior, but in order to do that they must have the forced incentive.

  26. moTEESHA says:

    Rise and FALL of the Democratic Plantation

  27. bleem says:

    Rise and FALL of the Democratic Plantation

  28. a says:

    So lets dissect this story—>

    Democrats offer hand outs Entitlements to stupid people.
    Stupid people take entitlements
    Democrats dumb down schools to get more stupid people to vote for them
    Idiot voters vote for idiot politicians
    Politicians redistribute the wealth and destroy all that is good and decent
    Repeat from line 1

  29. 5th Grade Logic says:

    In all honesty, one has to admit, the most worthless, ignorant, violent, disgusting, ruthless and wholey subsidized cultures on earth is the North American City Ape/Human Hybrid. The only thing forced diversity has done is spread it and has damaged this country’s strength beyond repair. We all spawn from the same life force, so it is in every last living being’s best interest to prevent further spread. Inside you know this is true. A system where the dumbest and most worthless are allowed to breed the fastest is a system doomed for collapse into mayhem, murder and perpetual barbarism. We could go through centuries of tests to prove it, or we could look at every society on earth presently and in the past, evaluate them and make the obvious conclusion based on scientific fact, without the cloud of politcal correctness.

    1. Stingray says:

      You state the obvious. And any scientific experiment can be manipulated and extrapolated to fit into any conclusion you would want the reader/viewer to believe. This type of housing/city environment crosses all paths of nationalities/races and/or political boundaries.

  30. Frank Porter says:

    Yes, HUD is a government agency. HUD stands for Agency for Housing and Urban Development. Oh, starvation will be so hard!

  31. Dave Tincher says:

    One only needs to view piictures of hiroshima after the atom bomb hit, and then view hiroshima now (vibrant city), then view detroit before WWII, and then view Detroit now…looks like an atom bomb hit Detroit.

  32. Direct Caregiver says:

    I am from the Detroit area and want to make people aware of a little trick in the residency statistics. If you look at a Detroit city map, there is a tiny finger of the city that pokes into the city of Dearborn, which is a white/Muslim enclave. Tons of Detroit cops and firefighters live there, which technically makes them a city resident, yet the Western border is almost a mile away.

    1. Stingray says:

      and your point being??? ‘white/muslim enclave’ is the implication that ‘tons of detroit cops and firefighter live there’ are racists. Would you also state that tons of blacks who live in predominantly black neighborhoods are also black/muslim racists?

  33. jnsesq says:

    Nah, you’ll have to pay them! Detroit: Another shining example of Workers’ Paradise liberalism. Keep electing ’em so you’ll get even better housing “deals.” LOL.

  34. Jujubar says:

    Rebuilding Detroit….50 at a time…shouldn’t take no time at all…

  35. Jujubar says:

    Mr. Jujubar think Ms. P is full of herself.

    Start naming successful black countries/cultures.

  36. yiddishlion says:


  37. freedom fighter says:

    Please don’t bulldoze the place we don’t want the rats jumping ship and infesting good red states , the real America. Its been over for years Detroit and its not coming back, so get over it. Put a fence around the whole place and keep filth there please. And the Liberal leaders of Motor City that created democrat heaven expect people to go visit the place unarmed. Vote demo”rat” and ruin America suckas… HAHAHA!

  38. Real Rick says:

    Why would they move into Detroit? They’re in a place where their kids are safe. btw, are there any decent houses IN the city?

  39. Cp4three2 says:

    I’m as conservative as they come, but you guys from Drudge (where I found this article) are missing the point. The solution to saving Detroit comes from stuff like this. You need to have incentive to move there. Detroit doesn’t have much to offer in tax breaks, that has to come from the state. This is the best next thing, take the money that the Democratic President is willing to give to the city and incentivize people with jobs and are probably good citizens to move to the city. Its smart.

  40. Stingray says:

    I would think the last thing police/fire personnel would want to do would be to live in the same area they work in. Where would the break and peace of mind away from work and quality time with family be then? nowhere. The fact they would be rewarded by paying significantly less money for homes is like dangling a carrot for a rabbit to a trap. The homeowners throughout that city need to be scrutinized and the rules of law applied to clean up the neighborhoods. If you don’t do that first, then you are placing police/fire and their families in harm’s way.

    The city needs to look at the cause and effect of the current situation and look in the mirror. If you were the cause then you need to step away and out of the picture to be replaced, because to do anything else is perpetuating a cycle of stupidity.

    Detroit is a welfare city where idle hands/time became the devils workshop. This happens in every city that fester welfare recipients, Detroit is no different. You have babies having babies with recipient funds they spend on themselves and not the child, where’s the real parent/adult role model?

    Before the city council and mayor start asking for fire/police to move into those infested crime rotten areas, they need to lead by example and start their own packing of bags to be their neighbor.

  41. John Galt says:

    Like putting lipstick on a pig!
    Its still a pig!

  42. Upright, not uptight says:

    Someone…anyone…please find me a ‘long term’ politically conservative controlled city that has a problem like this please…. I can tell you this from my personal experience. I moved from Los Angeles County to a city on the outskirts when things in LA were being overrun and controlled then and now by the Democratic liberal party.

    At the time I was a born and raised as a Democrat and didn’t understand much of anything…basically, I was spoon fed by the media and, as my parents and family, we believed in the Democratic Party to take care of the social injustices and community problems, which they did. We believed in social justice, good stuff and all. However, it was done in the extreme. But when our community became over rotten with the good social justices and community redevelopment help, our neighborhood was infested with way too many of the lazy, hand to mouth feeding of government checks and cheese. I couldn’t move fast enough out of there. I moved further south to a quiet relaxed environment with not many people, didn’t even think about whether it was republican or democratically controlled.

    As the years past, I saw an immediate influx of the same type of people who had infested L.A now moving in our community in nearby HUD mandated section 8 housing and such. With this change came the high crime and disgusting inconsiderate neighbors in and around the community and shopping centers. Again, I got fed up but this time I decided to take an active interest in politics and discovered those who were representing my interests as a conservative democrat were not doing their job. But it was a lost cause because those in office didn’t have the desire to fight the good fight so long as there was government money to be had. I moved because my community became a lost cause. I switched parties when I saw the Democratic Party not fighting for my interests. I looked to move to a conservative controlled community (at least at this time). Its alot cleaner and more individuals remain focus and take part in their community politics so their city stays clean and not allowed to be turned into a gang and crime infested community. My friends tell me this kind of neighborhood also exists in a democratic controlled city, I asked them to tell me where and I haven’t heard back from them…so I’ll offer it out to anyone out there?

    What is the average age in Detroit? I believe there is a saying that goes something like this…. “If you’re under 20 and not a liberal, you have no heart. If you’re over 25 and not a conservative, you have no brain.”

  43. Sigmonde says:

    Once considered the Paris of the West, Detroit is now the ghetto of the west. Unions killed the automobile industry and the corrupt democrat party buried it.

  44. Hojo says:

    Why does America have to keep bailing out liberals? Their ideas always fail and always end up costing tax payers in the end. For more proof just look at the guy occupying the position of president and his policies…

  45. Pied Crackpiper says:

    It’s a noble idea. Unfortunately, the common denominator in all of this is THE PEOPLE.

    What has free housing done to the projects? The silver lining is that the city won’t have to pay to tear these houses down, the new tenants will do it for them.

  46. freedom says:

    What if anything is anyone from this blog doing to better their City? You complain, with no real action. Fix it, or be silent.

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