Pontiac-based 3-D Experiential Training Co. LLC said its immersive 3-D safety training videos and viewing hardware have been procured by Washington Headquarters Services, a Department of Defense agency created in 1977 for DoD-wide support functions.

“3-D is compelling, life-like, and memorable,” said Dave Hodgson, president of 3-D ETC. “3-D immersion technology offers several unique features such as stereo imagery which puts the participant in the middle of the action and binaural sound which creates hyper-real audio fidelity. The net effect is to engage the senses and create the space for long-term retention of the information — something that is sorely missed in most of today’s training programs.”

Four new custom 3-D videos, in addition to several previous 3-D and 2-D videos, will address key safety issues for Pentagon Reservation employees, customers, contractors, and the public.

The new 3-D videos are: “You and the Big What If,” which focuses on emergency readiness and evacuation; “Angel in a Trench Coat,” which enhances awareness of easily preventable safety situations regularly encountered by Pentagon employees; “What’s Wrong With This Picture,” which helps employees to identify and avoid potential workplace safety hazards; and “A Message from Michael,” where employees learn how to avoid and prevent some of the most common types of workplace injuries — slips, trips and falls. 

“With safety issues, it is critical to get the individual employee motivated to take personal responsibility for making the right choices and doing their job correctly,” Hodgson said. “The key is to capture peoples’ attention and touch them emotionally, and that’s what makes our 3-D programs so effective.”

Pentagon employees will have two training options. Employees may use 3-D headsets to connect to either a portable training center called a “3-D Pod” which can be used by departments for group training sessions, with up to 12 headsets connected to each Pod; or to a single-user kiosk where individuals can enjoy the 3-D experience at their convenience. Both units offer intuitive navigation.
3-D ETC provides unique, proprietary programs that immerse employees into realistic experiences, quickly changing the way they think about safety. Immersive training simulates live situations, giving people the virtual sensation and emotional impact of their actions. Studies have shown that immersive 3-D training has a much higher impact on people than traditional training.  While most employees have knowledge about how to act safely, they don’t always put that into practice. 3-D ETC programs can help them make the right choices and move past just knowing what to do, to consistently doing what they know.

3-D ETC has been delivering safety training programs since 2005. Its clients include many types of commercial, industrial and government organizations as well as health care institutions seeking to reduce costly medical errors and prevent workplace accidents.

Companies interested in individualized demonstrations of 3-D ETC safety programs can contact Donald Silberstein at dsilberstein@3-detc.com or call (248) 594-4620.
More at www.3-detc.com.


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