DETROIT (WWJ) – If you plan on giving that special someone a piece of expensive jewelry this Valentine’s Day, you may want to consider including it in your renter’s or homeowner’s insurance in case it gets lost or stolen.

That’s the advice from Allstate Insurance Company’s Kelly Weaver, who says make sure you can prove you own that piece of expensive jewelry. “If you are talking to a jeweler ask them to give you the insurance value, not necessarily the appraised value, because you don’t really want to over-insure the piece, you just want to insure it to have it replaced,” Weaver says.

“The burden of proof always comes back to you as an owner, I tell all of my customers that it’s really important you have to have proof that you owned the item. So, it’s really important to have an appraisal or have a receipt and take a picture of it, and keep those somewhere very safe so that you know that you can produce that information right away and show them that you did own that item,” states Weaver.

Weaver says they get a lot of calls about stolen or lost jewelry around this time of year.


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