DETROIT (WWJ) – The Detroit School Board will begin searching for a new school superintendent. Detroit Board of Education President Anthony Adams Monday announced the creation of a superintendent search committee.

“For the last nineteen months, quite frankly, the district has been without academic leadership from a superintendent standpoint. And, so now we begin the process to moving forward to selecting a superintendent,” Adams said.

The announcement comes following Friday’s ruling by Judge Wendy Baxter that the Board, and not the Financial manager,  is in control of the District’s academic programs.

Adams said the board has already identified a number of individuals in out community who are committed to providing quality education Detroit.

Adams talked about the qualifications.

“The person has got to have extremely thick skin.  They have to be able to work in a very difficult and, I think, politically charged environment. They have to have tremendous people skills, because you cannot operate effectively in this job unless you have tremendous people skills,” he said.

The search committee has May deadline.


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