Detroit-based Compuware Corp. (Nasdaq: CPWR) announced the latest version of its Mobile Data Operator Solution product at the Mobile World Congress Conference, taking place through Thursday in Barcelona, Spain.

Compuware said the new release helps mobile operators improve customer experience with end-to-end visibility into the entire mobile service delivery chain.

Often, the first time that a mobile operator becomes aware of a data service problem is when the customer calls to complain. This creates a negative customer perception of the operator, regardless of where the actual problem is in the service delivery chain.

Compuware’s end-to-end view allows mobile operators to quickly pinpoint performance problems and fix them before the business is impacted, saving money and improving customer satisfaction.

Compuware’s Mobile Data Operator Solution enables mobile operators to significantly reduce and eliminate the incremental costs associated with data service delivery problems by proactively detecting the source of performance problems before they impact customers.

In this new release, Compuware introduces “Insight,” a new feature that allows mobile operators to measure the real-time, end-to-end performance of the services their customers use most, such as Facebook, Google, Yahoo and YouTube.

Capabilities of the new Insight feature include:

Single, End-to-End View into Customer Experience: Insight provides a single view of customers’ real-time experience on mobile operators’ networks This allows operators to not only see problems before they start to impact their customers, but also enables them to clearly pinpoint and identify the cause of the problem. No other solution on the market today can provide this type of detail.
SaaS-based, “Pay-as-You-Go” Service: Insight is delivered as a SaaS-based, “pay as you go” service that can be up and running in a matter of hours. Insight requires absolutely no changes or additions to a mobile operator’s existing data network or their IT infrastructure, and it can be accessed from anywhere using any of the common web browsers.
Standalone and Integration Capabilities: Insight can be used standalone, or it can be integrated into the “Management” component of the solution to provide a complete, end-to-end view using a single “Command Center” interface. The interface can provide a wide variety of role-specific reporting, alerts and deep-dive troubleshooting that can be extensively customized to meet the needs of individual customers.

“There’s a deep disconnect between what the mobile operator thinks is happening on the data network, and what the end-user is actually experiencing,” said Sean Timiney, director of mobile strategy at Compuware. “Without complete visibility into the service delivery chain, mobile operators have no insight or control over the quality of their customer’s experience; inevitably end-users will hold the operator accountable for any problems, regardless of who in the service delivery chain is actually to blame. Compuware’s Solution allows mobile operators to regain control of their customers’ experience before customers even know there’s a problem.”

Yankee Group’s director of enterprise research, Sheryl Kingstone, noted that “In order for mobile network operators to grow revenue and provide a differentiated customer experience, they must have visibility into the subscriber experience and behavior on everything in the service delivery chain, from the handset, to the mobile service, to the applications. Only then can they proactively identify new revenue opportunities and improve customer experience.”

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