How did the newborn Panda “Po” celebrate?
10. Po is going to Disneyworld!
9. The panda will celebrate by writing a book about how a panda’s life is imperfect co-authored by Jim Joyce. Jim-Redford
8. How will the panda celebrate? I don’t know but I bet it’ll be complete PANDAmonium! Shoe in ypsi
7. The panda took his talents to the San Diego Zoo….Scott from Memphis
6. How did the panda celebrate? Quietly…until Marc Sanchez showed up with a case of bamboo flavored wine coolers! Special K in Brighton
5. How did the panda celebrate? It had a taco party outside of bills office-trink
4. from Brian. How did the panda celebrate? He played a rousing game of bamboo Shutes and ladders.
3. By tweeting to Mayor Bing to build a kungfu Panda statue. Kirk
2. How did the panda celebrate being named? It purchased a #85 jersey and changed its name to Po OchoCinco.
Jim Brighton
1. How did the panda celebrate…Po the panda rolled on over to the zoo’s strip club, Pandora’s Box. J2 @ work


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