ALLEN PARK (WWJ/AP) – The city of Allen Park is considering laying off its entire fire department.

Tuesday night, the Allen Park City Council voted to issue layoff notices to all 27 of the city’s firefighters. This excludes the fire chief, who is appointed.

The notices are being sent out Wednesday and will be activated in 30 days if no way is found to pay for the department. 

WWJ Newsradio 950 spoke, Wednesday, with Craig Hickey, Vice President of Allen Park Fire Fighters Local 14-10.

“It’s dangerous. I know it’s a horrible idea for the citizens. I mean, I am a citizen of Allen Park and it bothers me tremendously, knowing that there may be a time in the future where when you call 9-1-1-, all you’re going to get is the police and hopefully a taxi cab to take you to the hospital,” Hickey said.

Hickey said firefighters are considering legal action to attempt to block the layoffs.

“I have a hard time believing that this is the best solution.  Actually, I’m tending to believe that it’s one of the worst solutions,” he said.

Officials in the downriver community didn’t indicate how much they would need to save to avoid following through with the layoffs or how deep the financial troubles run in the city.

Much of the blame for Allen Park’s deficit is being attributed to the decision by Unity Studios in September to move planned sound stages and production offices to Detroit.  The movie company and Allen Park officials had a contentious relationship almost from the beginning.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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  1. Michael Stephen Bryant says:

    This is a completely false story and I’m tired of the lies about Unity studios.The Allen Park mayor bought a property accesed at $15 miliion for $32 miliion.Channel 7 ran a false story that the studio didn’t pey their rent .When they were proved wrong the following day they refused to retract their story.Unity had a lease that clearly stated they could leave anytime they wanted.And with the mayor,the tax payers and the press saying nasty things about the studio.I don’t blame them for moving.Channel 7 comntinued to hol up an artists conception drawing of what the studio was supposed to look like in 10 years.I contacted Ch 7 and brought this to their attention that their report was false and they continued to hold up the same drawing everytime they ran the story.Everytime a news orginization runs a false story about the studio,they damage the chances of students of the school to gain employment.The real story is that the mayor bought a rundown property for more than twice it’s value.The walls were missing until Unity studios rebuilt them,and Unity fixed the building up.I was there during all of this.Students were asked for only negative stories about the school and when they didn’t have anything negative to say,the interviews were ended.

    1. Chris says:

      Instead of crying about how great Unity is and how they’re getting a bum rap, why don’t you take a look at the story here? THEY’RE LAYING OFF THE ENTIRE FIRE DEPARTMENT EXCEPT FOR THE CHIEF! I’m sick of the Unity this, Unity that argument and wish people would get off their teet and move on. It’s time for Allen Park to clean house in City Counsel, lick their wounds, and come up with a solution to our fiscal problems. I really don’t think that laying off the APFD is the right solution. They need to trim the fat – no more free carriage rides on Thursday nights, no more stupid downtown parking projects, no more city beautification projects for a dying city. Use the funds for what this city needs – fire, police, and city crews.

  2. Michael Stephen Bryant says:

    BOO WWJ same old false story.Unity left in August.You have a new studio there blame someone else.This is a smokescreen story to cover up the fact that the Allen Park mayor paid more than double the price on a building that didn’t have walls….The Mayor,the Allen Park taxpayers and channel 7 did nothing but harrass and write or tell false stories about the studio.Want a story? Try tracking down that missing $17 million.I find it hard to believe that someone ripped them off on a sale.Add WWJ to the list of news companies that post false news.(I’ve been inverviewed by newspapers dozens of times.No matter how in depth I explain the story.When it comes out in the paper it’s all completely wrong).

    1. Flash says:

      Is the Allen Park mayor related to Kwame?

  3. Leo Fritz says:


  4. Leo Fritz says:


  5. Joseph Rosenbergh says:

    It is time to lay-off the entire city council. I can not believe they would jeapordize citizen’s lives by laying off the entire fire department. This is the most ridiculous idea I have ever heard of. One more example of how not to run Government.

  6. Mark Drumm says:

    So, What’s next? Police? EMS?

  7. Amy M says:

    It is very apparent that Michael Stephen Bryant is not an Allen Park citizen and some how has ties to the studio.

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