GROSSE POINTE (WWJ) – The flu is getting a late start in Michigan this year.  Genesee County Health Department officials say two people have died this year from the flu.  The dead include a 1-month old baby and a 55-year-old.

Dr. Monica Coello, an emergency room physician at Beaumont Hospital Grosse Pointe says parents need to be alert.

“Dehydration for the one month old can be so prominent and distressing to that baby that it can actually cause kidney shut down or cardiac or heart malfunction,” states Coello.

“The best thing to do, especially with these tiny children is to recognise when the child is ill and recognise when the child is not eating or drinking properly and bring them to the nearest ER (emergency room) the closest facility to you,” says Coello.

Dr. Coello adds that the flu this year is starting later than normal, and it’s not too late to get a flu shot.

Anybody who works with children or the elderly – those people should get vaccinated.

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