DEARBORN (WWJ) –  About 200 people rallied in front of Dearborn City Hall chanting, “Stop the torture, stop the massacre”, Friday in support of anti-government protestors in Libya, Iran and Yemen.

Other people waved flags from their respective homelands some held signs, one sign read, “Gadhafi Must Go” in reference to the Libyan leader who is now accused of using violence to deal with the anti-government protesters.

WWJ Newsradio’s Stephanie Davis spoke with Terrick Badun at the rally. Badun is with the Arab-American Political Action Committee which organized the rally.

“I think it’s the end of the road for most of these dictators, it’s just a matter of time, it’s a shame that some of them have not come to their senses left and  avoided the bloodshed that they are perpetuating,” Badun says. 

“My family, from Libya, we live in fear, and we (had) never seen any freedom, and I’m glad that people have had enough, and what  happened is that people have exploded….it’s like a pressure cooker, you know, when you don’t look after it, it’s going to blow up and that’s what it did,” says one young man originally from Libya, now living in Dearborn.

The White House says Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi has lost the confidence of his people, following brutal attacks by his supporters on protesters demanding his ouster.

Spokesman Jay Carney stopped short of calling for Gadhafi to step down.

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Comments (3)
  1. Elena says:

    hello I am from a lot of people are pro leaders .only a few are against the leader.We have freedom and a good life here.I think the protesters have problems physiologically.Those a few intends to create unrest in the country.

    1. What? “Freedom” in Iran?
      Do you actually live in Iran? I have been there and I haven#t seen much freedom, but a lot of fear and oppression.

      1. Elena says:

        What ?” Oppression and fear”?
        I am an Iranian and live in Iran.I read on your Weblog that you came to Iran and interfere in my country affairs.
        Here we have a good life and we are satisfied with our life and our freedom.
        No fear and no oppression in Iran.

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