LANSING (WWJ) – There is a loop-hole in the Michigan concealed weapons law that makes it perfectly legal for a person to carry a weapon in a library.

In the past few weeks, Lansing Representative Joan Bauer has received a number of calls from constituents complaining about people bringing guns into the library.

“We have had some people carry guns, ultimately, in our library,” says Bauer. “(They) sit in the teen section, sit in the children’s section, and we found that out libraries are actually not included in the gun free zone.”

WWJ Lansing Bureau Chief Tim Skubick says that Bauer is currently trying to convince lawmakers to include libraries as a gun-free zone.

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  1. John says:

    It’s worth noting that making libraries “gun-free zones” doesn’t mean that libraries will be gun-free. It only means law-abiding citizens will no longer carry guns in libraries. Criminals, who by definition don’t obey laws, can still carry guns (now with less opposition). The question is: if a criminal decides to start shooting up a library, do you want to wait several minutes for the police to arrive, or hope that a law-abiding citizen with a legally-carried gun can stop the attack in seconds? When you take the emotion out of it, it seems to me to be a pretty easy decision.

    1. Dean Craig says:

      Well said. Why do so many people seem to have such a hard time understanding this? The laws of Michigan are currently in violation of the Michigan Constitution and we need to get these overturned now!

      Every person has a right to keep and bear arms for the defense of himself and the state. – Michigan Constitution, article 1 section 6

  2. Dennis says:

    How do the library patrons know guns are in the library since the law is a conceal and carry law?

    1. Concealed in the context of “concealed carry” means that the firearm is not in plain view or “open carried”. A good example of an “open carried” firearm would be a uniformed police officer or a western movie cowboy. A uniformed police officer or cowboy would carry his or her gun “in the open” for the whole world to see.

      If any part of the clothing or other object covers the gun, that gun by law COULD be considered “concealed” even if it is partially visible. So a concealed firearm may or may not be hidden from view.

  3. Rosa Garan says:

    That is right; concealed means out of sight. Both of the above replies make sense. We carry guns to even protect Lansing Representative Joan Bauer or any other disrespecter of the United States Constitution. Maby she would rather call the police or negotiate with criminals. It is true that when seconds count, the police are only minutes away.

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