DETROIT (WWJ) – The Detroit City Council is getting its own cable television channel.  This comes as council members and Mayor Dave Bing reach a compromise in their year-long dispute over cable programming.

Since last summer, council meetings had been airing days late and only a couple of times a week.

Thursday, Council President Charles Pugh said citizens who have missed seeing Council sessions on Comcast Channel 10 will soon be able to get their daily dose of Detroit City Council on Channel 22.

 Pugh said the program will provide analysis and discussions outside of the council table.

“We will have our own version of a newscast…Let’s say we had two council members who were on opposite ends of a debate at the table. We’ll pull them aside and interview them on TV and say expound on that debate — why do you feel that way?” Pugh said.

“So, it’ll be better television, outside of just showing you gavel-to-gavel council coverage,” he said.

Detroit Mayor Dave Bing and his administration programing will remain on Channel 10 under the agreement with the Cable Commission.

  1. Darrell Mc Neill says:

    What Detroit wants, Detroit gets. The City of Detroit has never learn the lessons of the past. Government doesn’t make things better. Just like talking to a wall.

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