TROY (WWJ) – A well-known Troy antique dealer found herself in the middle of a real life stolen antique mystery, when a $2,500 art glass vase went missing from her store last weekend.

Judy Frankle, the owner of the Antiques Center, notified police as soon as she noticed the vase was gone.

A short time after the vase was stolen, an antique dealer in Berkley called her to say she believed the woman who allegedly took the vase was in her store trying to sell it for $500.

With Frankle’s help, Police were able to set up a sting operation and arrest the 51-year-old suspect.

“So we went over there for a 4:30 meet with her… undercover police from Troy and Berkley. It was unbelievable,” Frankle said. “It felt like I was on a reality show. It was like the sting reincarnated.”

Troy Police Lt. Bob Redmond said the whole case was solved thanks to the helped of the reputable dealers.

“These are what I would classify as very reputable businesses. These aren’t the flea markets where you can go and dump stuff off to one guy who’s then dumping and selling it to another. These are very classy type stores,” Redmond said.

The ‘Verrerie d’art Lorraine Red Vase’ is made from a mottled red glass with a decorative iron surround and base.

Frankle expects the vase to be returned to her later this week.


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