DETROIT (WWJ) – In his State of the Union Address, President Barack Obama said winners of science fairs should be celebrated as much as the winner of the Super Bowl. And in Michigan, that is just what is happening.

With a growing focus on students and science in the Britton-Deerfield school district, the science fair has generated more participation than previous years.

“The students really stepped it up this year,” said Jon Way, Middle School Science Teacher.

With just over a couple dozen participants, Middle School Science Teacher Scot Pifer says all the projects are better this year.

“They were more complex and the kids presented them better,”says Pifer.

Jim and Sharon O’Brien sponsored the scholarship awards, they also understand the importance of science education.

“I got interested in science and engineering through a high school science fair,” says Jim O’Brien. “We hope to spark interest among future scientists,” added Sharon O’Brien.

This years winner is a familiar name, Ashley Frye, who also won first place  in the science fair last year.

Deerfield 12th Grader Ashley Frye was awarded $1000 dollars in scholarship money for her science fair project this year and that’s the second year in a row for her.

“It’s incredible that they are so generous to donate that kind of money, last year and this year they donated $4,500 dollars total, and I mean $2000 towards my college education, I can’t express to you how much that is going to help me out,” says Frye.

Frye plans to go to Michigan State University in the Fall to study agri-science. She hopes to become a teacher.

“I’m going to attend Michigan State University in this Fall, I’m going to enroll in the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources for environmental studies and agri-science and I’m hoping to become an agri-science teacher,” Frye says.


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