DETROIT (WWJ) – City officials in Detroit say they’re worried about the governor’s plans to cut tax incentives.  Planning Commission Director Marcell Todd tells the City Council that the proposed cuts means producers of the TV series “Detroit 187” are less likely to commit to a second season.

“With “Detroit 187″ you not only had a film, but you had a series being produced regularly providing ongoing activity and economic impact within the city and the metropolitan area,” says Todd.

Economic Growth Corporation Vice President Art Papapanos  told Council the cuts would cripple many re-development projects in Detroit including the Uniroyal site near Belle Isle.

While the debate over the state’s film tax incentives continues,  another film slated for Michigan production looks like it’s hitting the road.  The director of the West Michigan Film Office says the 50-Cent bio-pic  “Freelancers” is switching locations to New Orleans. 

The Grand Rapids Press reports that the movie is among 15 film projects currently in limbo as the state reviews the governor’s plan to cap the tax incentives.

  1. Jackie says:

    Let me see if I have this straight. The tax incentives may be pulled..hmmm.

    1. Keep tax incentives and shooting continues which provides an economic windfall for businesses, such as restaurants, hotels, local crew, actors and so on.

    2. Cut tax incentives so they will need to move production to another state which will negatively affect all of the above mentioned. For you politicians who don’t understand what I am saying…..none of the local businesses get anything. Or, should I say in a language you might understand….no one gets nottin!

    I’d say it’s a no brainer…Oh…WAIT…we are talking about politicians and economics, common sense, smarts…..what was I thinking!

    Arizona used to have over a hundred shows and movies shot here every year. In fact for every dollar spent to promote production there was a return of $1.87. Then our “brainy”, and I use the word loosely, politicians decided to cut funding and incentives. We no longer have production here and we have become a “ghost town”, pun intended.

    Good Luck Detroit!

    A Wolverine

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