DETROIT (WWJ) – A Monroe man who went to Japan after graduating last year from Eastern Michigan University has turned up safe and sound. Paul Fales was not being able to contact his family after Friday’s earthquake and tsunami leveled the town he worked in as an English teacher.

“My students are fine, everyone is alive really, just the other day some of my students said: “Oh Paul, can you teach us some English,” so I sat with them and taught some English, they are all in good spirits, despite all that has happened,” describes Fales.

A CNN reporter found Fales after he got off a boat Tuesday morning, Japan time, and hooked him up via telephone with his mother and father for a live interview on the Anderson Cooper-360 program.

“And there is so much damage, like the inside part of Japan, but the coastline it’s a mess…I’m just trying to get through it one day at a time,” says Fales.