DEARBORN (WWJ) – Over 100 Ford employees in Japan are not being called back home from the earthquake and tsunami ridden country.

President of the Americas Mark Fields says they are  monitoring the situation daily in the earthquake and tsunami ridden Japan.

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“We have about 130 employees our offices were open on Monday. The Japanese government has encouraged business to get back to work so they can help with the economy there and all the rebuilding they are going to do. But we are keeping a really keen on this and first and foremost is the safety of our employees,” says Fields.

R) Mark Fields, Ford Motor President of Americas speaks with Gov. Snyder (Credit:WWJ Marie Osborne)

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Ford employees are located in Tokyo and Hiroshima. Fields says they are working with supply partners to minimize any disruptions at all. 

Ford Motor states that so far they have had no interruptions in their production facilities in Japan.

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“We are monitoring the situation hourly and daily and this situation is going to play itself out over the next days and weeks. We’ve had no interruptions in any of our productions facilities but we are working really closely with our supplier partners to minimize any disruption,” Fields says.