“Your Money:  How to Get Control and Gain an Advantage
in a Complex and Chaotic World”

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Natural disasters, global civil unrest, domestic financial crises – they all impact you financially. Take advantage of this convenient and free opportunity to learn about investing strategies for times of chaos, like we find ourselves in today.

No out-dated generalities.  Just relevant, must-know information in a three-step format:

1.  How to get control by developing a purposeful and organized investment plan.  

2.  How to avoid common investment pitfalls that can increase your risk or lower your returns.   

3.  How to take advantage of ‘right now’ investment opportunities in this complex and chaotic world.

Our free non-solicitous investor education webinar aired LIVE at 12 p.m. Thursday, April 14th .


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Comments (31)
  1. Mike S says:

    Given Michigan’s economy over the past several years, we’ve not been able to stock up our safety fund (6 mos salary). And now with gas prices approaching $4 bucks, and the costs of basic groceries higher, I don’t know if it’s better to invest into the market or put money in a savings acct to build up a safety net. Not enough money coming in to do everythng… what should be used to make these decisions?

  2. Joe Scefidi says:

    Portfolio diversification is a buzz phrase I hear every broker in town use. Some make you think that means you need lots of different stuff in your mix. But I read recently that knowing what each mutual fund contains is the only way to make sure I’m truly diversified. Not sure my guy is giving me the straight scoop. I’m just an average guy. How in the heck can I figure this out?

  3. Lee M says:

    Can’t control earthquakes or tsunamis, floods or draught – or the effect on the markets. So, is it best to sit on the sidelines and wait for things to stablize before investing any more? But how will I know when – or if – things will become stable? I;ve already lost a huge portion of my retirement value over the past few years. I can’t afford to lose my shirt.

  4. Sue says:

    My company matches the first 3% of our 401k contributions. I’ve always put in at least that much, to get their dollars too. But, is it better to pay off my credit cards each month or is it better to put more into my 401k? There are some months I wouldn’t be able to cover both. How do I decide?

  5. Dave C says:

    Lost my butt in an ugly divorce two years ago. Half of my 401k, retirement accts, the house. Feel like I’m starting at square one, but I’m almost 60. Am working with a financial advisor who seems to want me to buy into things that he gets nice commissions on. Everyone needs to make a living; I get that. But, I wonder if he always has my interests at heart. How can I have more control over the activity of my stuff? Do I need to scrutinize every single action he takes?

  6. MARLA says:

    a friend of mine swears by her financial advisor. I do need someone to help me get my finances in order and figure out what I should be doing for my later years. Referrals r usually good, but her advisor seems too slick and schmarmy to me. How can I find out his qualifications and make sure he’s not just a charmer?

    1. WWJ Newsradio 950 says:

      To obtain a copy of How to Select a Financial Services Provider from the presenters, you can call or email: 248-719-2212 or InvestorEducation2009@gmail.com – they’ll provide you with this 1-sheet at no cost or obligation.

  7. Skeptical of Experts says:

    I think the term ‘investment advice’ really means ‘big talk and opinion.’ i got enough of that during March Madness! Of the so-called ‘experts’ on basketball, most got the final four wrong. Financial advisors are no different. The only difference is that when they’re wrong, it costs me a lot more than the few bucks I lost in the company pool.

  8. Ginny says:

    I have 2 teenagers, 14 and 17. Beyond a savings account, is there something else we could have them begin investing in that is safe, but begins teaching them about saving and investing for long-term?

  9. Carolyn says:

    I am 61 years old and have most of my money invested in CDs and bond mutual funds. My worry is that we are in a bond ‘bubble.’ Recently my broker/advisor recommended that I sell my bond mutual funds and buy individual bonds. This sounds reasonable, but is it the right advice?

    1. Kim says:

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  10. Abby says:

    There’s never enough money to do everything. So, if someone could come up with, say an extra $100 bucks a month to do something with, should they put it into their 401k, an IRA, or their 4 y/o child’s 529/MESP accoutn for college.

  11. JorgeMSU says:

    Is a money market account the best place to put my emergency fund? (3 months salary)

  12. Steve says:

    On your ad for the webinar you stated that ”market performance last year was up 8% but the average investor was up less than 4%.”

    Please identify whether you’re speaking year over year, end of quarter one to end of quarter one, or whether you’re speaking about calendar year 2010.

  13. Sammy says:

    I trust no one. Is there a source, a website or somewhere I can check out a financial advisor who wants to manage my money?

    1. WWJ Newsradio 950 says:

      Feel free to request a copy of How to Select a Financial Services Provider from the presenters: 248-719-2212 or InvestorEducation2009@gmail.com — they’ll gladly provide you with this 1-sheet.

  14. lou says:

    Isn’t investing overseas HUGELY risky… it’s all going to hell in a handbasket.

  15. morris says:

    afriend of mine buys and sells all the time it seems. buy hi, sell lo — sounds good, but who has that kind of time. And, what if i make a mistake?

  16. Sandy says:

    i like the sound of investing in socially responsible companies. But, how do you know what’s “real” vs what’s bragged about? They may save rainforests but pay their ppl wages they can’t live on. Is there a list of what to look for to REALLY determine what’s socially responsible?

  17. Georgia says:

    You talk about having a plan. Our plan is to save as much and pay out as little as possible. Do you recommend a specific guide or a workbook someone can use?

  18. NANCI says:

    Should this Invest Policy Statement you mention be part of the trust docs I have in my safe deposit box? It sounds so formal. Is it?

    1. WWJ Newsradio 950 says:

      If you would like a sample investment policy statement – or to discuss how to use one, feel free to contact the presenters at 248-719-2212 or InvestorEducation2009@gmail.com and they’ll gladly assist you.

  19. Mandi S says:

    How does a normal, average person know what cycle we’re in???

  20. Kathy says:

    Mark Is my financial advisor. He does a great job of managing risk in my portfolio

    1. WWJ Newsradio 950 says:

      If you would like a copy of How to Select a Financial Services Provider, feel free to contact the presenters at 248-719-2212 or InvestorEducation2009@gmail.com and they’ll gladly provide you with one.

      1. Anand says:

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  21. Sierra M says:

    Who actually creates investment policy statements? A financial planner or broker? Or, do i need to figure this out for myself? Nobody has ever told me i needed to have/do this. Is it standard?

    1. WWJ Newsradio 950 says:

      If you would like a copy of a sample investment policy statement, feel free to contact the presenters at 248-719-2212 or InvestorEducation2009@gmail.com and they’ll gladly provide you with one.

  22. Ayuning says:

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