DETROIT (WWJ) –  One Michigan congressman wants to make sure the air strikes in Libya don’t go beyond that. Eleventh District Congressman Thaddeus McCotter, of Livonia, says he supports the no-fly zone.

McCotter, speaking live on WWJ, says he doesn’t want to see Americans on the ground in Libya and he is concerned about what Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi might do.

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“We always have to be concerned what a homicidal lunatic will do, as Natan Cheransky said: “How a government treats its own people is how it will treat everyone else””, quoted McCotter.

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“So I think that  that’s one of the concerns we have, but we live in an age where we’ve always since Sept. 2001 , we’ve  had to be very concerned about people that will do us harm here and abroad and Mr. Gadhafi, is always in my mind, no exception to that,” says McCotter.

“We’re in support of the no-fly zone so that Gadhafi cannot use the air power of the Libyan military to kill his people. And what we’re very concerned about, many of us … we gave to be very careful that there is no ‘mission creep'”, McCotter says.

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“We do not want to come up against a situation where our goal is to determine the outcome of what is happening in Libya,” says McCotter.