MACOMB COUNTY (WWJ) – Some Macomb County superintendents met with elected state and federal officials about proposed cuts to education. WWJ’s Beth Fisher has more about the round table discussion.

School superintendent Barbara VanSweden from the Fitzgerald public schools say these cuts will hurt: “We are going to end up with increased class sizes, we’re going to have to delay improvements to technology, we’re going to have to cut back on supplies in the classroom,” VanSweden says.

State Representative (D) Lesia Liss: “They (the cuts) are devastating and I’d like to know who is educating the governor on education. It can not be run like a business, I’m afraid it can’t. Because in a business you can chose who your employees are, you can fire someone, you can let someone go. You can’t send these students away.”

“I know people are talking all cuts budget, but I can tell you I’m receiving letters from people regarding roads and schools and say, ‘Increase the revenue, yes, increase the taxes, but don’t cut our services, how much more can you cut,” says Liss.

 U.S. Congressman Sander Levin says he will also fight proposed federal cuts to education.

  1. Wanda says:

    Not only can education Not be ran like a business because of the issues listed, businesses are ran on the revenue it collects from the products sold. With education, the “product” is an educated community and the return on the investment isn’t seen until 5-10 years After the product graduates. Education operates on “give mes”, the city residents “give” money to education through local taxes, the state and federal governments “gives” money to districts for operating costs. What we are seeing is the selfishness of business people Not wanting to fund education and expecting those who operate schools to either do without or miraculously find some money to replace state and federal funding out of thin air. What we have are elected officials who are out of touch with the reality of how public education operates, yet they have been chosen to represent an entire state of residents in matters they are entirely disconnected from.

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