DETROIT (WWJ) – We want a recount. Detroit City Council President Charles Pugh echos the call from mayor Dave Bing over what he feels is a too-low Census count of 713,000 people. 

“The momentum needs to be that Detroit needs to fight to make sure that we have as many people counted as possible,” Pugh said. “To not challenge this would be irresponsible. We represent the people of the City of Detroit.”

Speaking live on WWJ, Pugh said regardless of what the final tally is, it is time to accept the fact that Detroit is no longer a “big city.”

“You know, when you grow up here, you think of yourself as a big city.  So, when you see the Census numbers and you see the reality of how far you’ve fallen in terms of population loss, then we need to wrap our minds around the fact that we are a medium-sized city now.  And that should be how we proceed in terms of level of employees, in terms of how we redesign the city, what businesses we attract, and that kind of thing,” Pugh said.

Pugh also said he feels very strongly for ideas that consolidate neighborhoods and turn other areas into parks or similar amenities.

“I’m on board with not only the idea that we need to live and create density in certain areas of the city, that it will make things much more efficient in terms of how we deliver city services and certainly police,” Pugh said.

Pugh thinks Detroit can consolidate by joining forces with other cities too.

“We all have to purchase tires, we all have to purchase cars, we all have to purchase paper products that we use to run our cities. We need to start, and now, the governor has given us certainly a negative incentive, or depending on who you talk to, a positive incentive, in order to do that,” Pugh said.

Pugh said he is on board with a “smaller is better” concept for the future of Detroit.

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  1. Jeffery G. Daniel says:

    Detroit ran to long on the ideology that the auto industry was infallible and omnipresent, well the end of the Bush administration proved beyond a doubt that this is a massive untruth! I grew up in Highland Park where both Ford and Chrysler held pivitol roles in the rise and fall of my citys economy and financial well being, Detroit should have taken note then. For Detroit to rise up once again its city leaders should now look to the past for a blue print on how to once again groom the city for growth. One neighbor hood at a time only this time substituting the term automobile with alternative. Their are many places left in this once great city that can be used as the breeding ground for the future – old manufacturing facilities for the manfacture of alternative energy sources and the enfrastructure to maintain it, technology development or turning the open spaces into organic growth fields, any number of things that would not depend on the good fortunes of the auto industry. All I know is that there can be no fear of hesitation with any plan for the future, there can be no stringent holding on to the rules of the past that have only served to get Detroit and my home city to the desolate points they are at now. Eyes must be opened and perosnal adgendas set aside and a singular focus adopted in order to reverse this downward momentum so that things can once again start to rise. And for this I will alway hope and pray. Native at heart for life…………

  2. Jeffery G. Daniel says:

    Pardon my spelling errors, sometimes passions get in the way of ones fingers. Native at heart for life.

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