DEARBORN (WWJ) – The Florida pastor who grabbed headlines last year for threatening to burn the Quran on September 11th says he will protest Islamic law outside a mosque in Dearborn.

While Terry Jones was then talked out of it by President Obama and Defense Secretary Gates, he actually led a Quran burning this past Sunday after he set up a mock trial of Islam’s Holy Book. The Detroit Free Press reports that Jones says he’s not against Muslims, but wants them to “honor, obey and submit to the constitution of the United States.” Jones says he’s worried about sharia, or Islamic law, coming to this country.

WWJ’s Ron Dewey caught up with local Muslims at the Islamic Center of America following their morning call to prayer. Amer Jaffer says Terry Jones isn’t paying attention. “He needs to understand this is the greatest country in the world where he gets to express his feelings with his hatred or his love, whatever he wants,” says Jaffer, who adds, “If he wants to come across with hatred, more power to him. If he wants to come across with love, he’ll be welcomed with open arms.”

Others say Jones’ fear of Islamic law being introduced in the U.S. is nonsense. “Islamic law is not even introduced in Islamic countries, so why would it be introduced over here. So why should there be fear,” says Abe Mackey.

And Mackey wonders if Jones bothered to open the Quran before he put a match to it. “Jesus is mentioned in the holy Quran over 20 times and there’s a whole chapter about the virgin Mary in the holy Quran. So if he wants to burn that then it’s up to him,” says Mackey.

Jones plans to demonstrate outside the Islamic Center of America at Ford Road and Evergreen in Dearborn on April 22nd.

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  1. ROger says:

    This is the United States, and here, even outside the Islamic Center of America our right to free speech, including for this Florida pastor, is protected by the Contitution of the United States.

  2. Sally says:

    The Bible leaves judging to God. Mr Jones is stereotyping in the worst way by assuming all Muslims do not “honor, obey and submit to the constitution of the United States.” By dishonoring their holy book he disrespects them all, A head to head confrontation seems to be what he wants. That is no way to follow the Second Great Commandment Jesus gave: to love your neighbor as yourself. I do not know much about Mr Jones but I do not want him representing Christianity for me. His brand of “Christianity” is hate filled, judgmental and not Christian. I am praying that he opens his heart to the healing love of Jesus. Love is the answer.

    1. Jille says:

      Sally, I am standing with you on this one. And let’s take a moment to appreciate the love, acceptance and tolerance the peace-loving Muslims are displaying in the face of mr. Jones’ hatred, bigotry and ignorance. The irony is the freedom that allows him to burn the Qu’ran is the same freedom that allows Muslims to worship in this country as the Qu’ran
      commands. Mr. Jones is slowly turning into Fred Phelps, I fear.

  3. ANGEL says:

    I don’t agree with hatred on any level shown to any people. , But I am glad somebody has finally seen the need to stand for our faith and lead the way to show how tolerant we have been of these muslims. They are out right, disrespectful to Christians of all colors, we allowed them to come into the United States with the words in their mouth of how much they hate it. They have setup their own cities within a city here and demanded special rights to pray, wash their feet and read their quaran. When we no longer can even say the name of Jesus , mention God or say God bless you in public. I applaude Terry Jones for having the burinng in him to show God he is willing to at least make a step for Him. I say every Christian who is not afraid stand up for our faith right, it can be and is being squeezed away. When our soldiers went into Iraq they weren’t allowed to take a Bible over there WE BETTER WAKE UP.

  4. Beatrice Warner says:

    Who’s paying for his plane ticket to come here to Michigan. Why don’t he just go away, Mr, Jones already had his fifteen minutes of fame last year. This guy calls himself a preacher, he’s teaching his followers how to hate people base on their creed and race, I hope this guy doesn’t get to much media coverage this time or may I suggest everyone turn off your television set.

  5. Zahraa Makki says:

    Would anyone by any chance know what time?

  6. Declan says:

    To my fellow Dearborn residents, both Christian and Muslim:

    Please study and be ready for this cracker with the dreaded “You ain’t got no pancake mix!!” counter strategy:

    From Urban Dictionary:

    One day, a Christian extremist fundie lady made the mistake of preaching to a group of students, and threatening them with hell. One of the students had enough of her non-sense and decided to do something quite strange and unpredictable. He approached her and shouted “You ain’t got no pancake mix!” and other variations of the phrase repeatedly. Every time she opened her mouth, he would interrupt her, similar to Kanye West.

    The reason for him deciding to say that is unknown . One can assume that he simply chose the phrase at random. (EDIT: It’s a Zack Galifinakis non sequitur from his comedy routine) Whatever the reason for him saying it, he managed to upset the lady. Lulz ensued.
    Fundie lady: Repent or you’ll go to hell. Blahblahblahblah…

    Kid: You ain’t got no pancake mix!

    Fundie lady: In the Bib-….


    Fundie Lady: Stop shouti-…


    etc. etc…

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