LANSING (WWJ) – It is not an impasse yet, but the Republican administration in Lansing and Democrats in the legislature remain at odds over Governor Rick Snyder’s proposed budget. 

WWJ’s Lansing Bureau Chief Tim Skubick said the Snyder administration is now calling on legislative Democrats to come up with alternatives to the Snyder budget if they do not like his.

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Lieutenant Governor Brian Calley said bringing alternatives to the proposed budget plan is what the process is all about.

“It’s not really enough to complain about a proposal if there’s not an alternative that’s presented,” Calley said. “We’re very interested in engaging in the process here, talking about the components of our plan or responding to someone elses plan, if they’re going to put one out.” 

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Calley also explained the process is about presenting logic and getting over the politics.

“Getting logic to take a higher priority over the political ramifications of doing the right thing is difficult under all circumstances. I think it’s particularly difficult today,” Calley said.

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House Democratic Leader Richard Hammel said he has full intentions to bring alternatives to Snyder’s budget proposal.