DETROIT (WWJ) –  A tense police situation that began Thursday night on Detroit’s westside near Joy and Linwood ended just before 6 am Friday. The stand-off lasted almost 12 hours.

Authorities said a mother barricaded herself and her 13-year-old daughter in a home after firing a shot at a Child Protective Services worker and a police escort. Reportedly, CPS were at the home to take the daughter because the mother has refused to give the girl needed medication.

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Neighbors Patrisha Navarro and Shantique Johnson said police and CPS workers showed up at the woman’s house, and she “freaked out” and fired at police.

The woman, who is now under arrest, was upset that her daughter might be put on different medications and different methods for treating an undisclosed ailment. Wayne County Circuit Judge Deborah Thomas said the daughter was a member of the disabilities community.

Thomas was there along with local community activist, Minister Malik Shabazz and Ron Scott of the Detroit Coalition Against Police Brutality, at the request of the mother who asked that someone come and help negotiate the end of the situation.

“I let her know that there’s helicopters, armored cars, SWAT teams and all kinds of police, and you don’t want this to turn out bad.  You’re doing all of this to protect your child,” Shabazz said.

The woman told Shabazz the medication prescribed for her child was making her even more sick, so instead she was trying some herbal, more holistic remedies. 

Thomas said the woman was very concerned about her child.

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 “There were times when you could tell that she [the child] was distressed, but whenever you heard that the mother would say ‘I will get back to you, I’m going to attend to my daughter.’ She made very careful considerations in terms of her daughter was properly dressed for the weather, that she was neat in her appearance, and that when she was brought out, it was in a safe environment.”

“Her mother wants her to have a bright future and I hope in addition to all else I was able to show her that, being a member of the disabilities community, you can still have a bright future,” Thomas said.

The woman lives on Blaine St. near Linwood and Joy. Police had Linwood blocked from Blaine to Gladstone for the entire duration of the stand-off.

No injuries were reported. 

“I just want to say that it was a good day for Detroit,” said Ron Scott, with the Detroit Coalition Against Police Brutality. “In spite of all of the negatives, this was a positive,” he said.

“A positive because community and police are working together to change Detroit for good,” Judge Thomas said.

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Police officials were not available for comment.