DETROIT (WWJ) – What’s the secret to a long happy life?
If you ask retired Detroit police officer, and former University of Michigan track coach Kenneth “Red” Simmons, the secret to a long life is to pick good parents and never stop exercising.
Maybe Red is on to something.

He is 101 years old. And definitely not ready for a rocking chair yet.
Five days a week you’ll find him working out at Crisler Arena at the University of Michigan.

“I do a lot of squats with 20 lbs. on my shoulders. I make a point of climbing stairs,” he says. “My main activity is in my legs, because that’s what gives out as you get older.”
Simmons also “chose” good parents.

His mother lived until she was 96; His father died at the age of 88.
Red currently weighs 145 pounds. And his hair is still, well, red.
Ok if genes and exercise are the keys to a long life, then what’s the secret to a happy life?
Simmons says there are two keys to contentment.
Number one, he says, is “Satisfaction with your job. If you like your work and you’re good at it.”
Number two? A happy marriage. Red believes if you get hitched to someone who agrees with you on politics and religion, you’ve got a pretty good chance of lifelong married bliss.
Although Simmons says he is happy in his “old age,” and has absolutely no regrets, he admits there is one great drawback to being 101. He has outlived all of his friends.
His plans for the future? To keep on keeping on. He knows he’s living on borrowed time, but says as long as he can continue to run around, and do the things he likes he’s happy. “If I have to go to a home and sit in a chair, I’d just as soon leave this Earth,” says Simmons.