AUBURN HILLS (WWJ) – A special night at the Palace of Auburn Hills on Friday as the Detroit Pistons retire the jersey of Dennis Rodman. Rodman spent eight years of his NBA career with the Pistons and helped the team win two championships.

“I didn’t expect none of this crap. You know it’s like I just expected to play, I didn’t expect to win anything. Just to play is more than anything in the world,” Rodman said.

In total, Rodman has won five NBA Championships. And on Friday night, he will see his number 10 jersey retired.

Rodman has spent life in the fast lane since he was last with the Pistons.

“After this it’s just went like a flash. It’s like, damn, I mean everything is like, you know, you’ll see me around the world doing this, and it’s like, I see some of my old teammates that are coaching now and doing some things in Detroit and it’s very difficult because I haven’t been here in so long,” he said. 

Rodman, nicknamed “The Worm,” is probably most known for wearing a wedding dress to a news conference to promote his autobiography. So what is he doing now?

“I’ve been doing things around the world and it’s just hard for me to get to certain places. Like, I just got back from Dallas, I got back from Vegas, Madrid, Milan, stuff like that. I’m just traveling and, um, after this I’m traveling again. I’m going to Houston, after that I’ll probably go to Vegas, New York, you name it,” he said.

The Pistons play the Chicago Bulls for Friday’s celebratory game. Rodman will find out Sunday if he will be inducted into the NBA Hall of Fame.

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