SportScience, the TV series featuring Wayne State University Professor of Biomedical Engineering Cynthia Bir, was nominated for two awards at the 32nd annual Sports Emmys, which will be held Monday, May 2 at the Frederick P. Rose Hall at Lincoln Center, in New York City.

The SportScience team is nominated for Outstanding Graphic Design and Outstanding New Approaches – Sports Programming – Short Format. The show’s first two seasons earned a total of six nominations and three wins at the Sports Emmys.

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The series uncovers sports’ biggest myths and mysteries by using cutting-edge technology to measure momentum, friction and the laws of gravity. Bir, who is the show’s lead scientist, helps viewers understand the internal and external forces sustained and generated by the body during high-level athletic activities.

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“It’s great that the show is still being recognized in its short format,” says Bir. “I’m glad that Wayne State has continued to be a part of it and can contribute to the science of the show.”

SportScience has caught the attention of many science teachers who use it as a teaching tool. Wayne State University now provides science teachers with a curriculum based on segments of the show.

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SportScience airs in short segments at various times on ESPN.