DETROIT (WWJ) – Supporters of a Detroit mother accused of firing a shot at Child Protective Services (CPS) workers and then holding police at bay for 12 hours say her 13-year-old daughter has been taken to the hospital and may have been sexually assaulted.

Now, there is a legal stand-off of sorts at Children’s Hospital, where the daughter of Maryanne Godboldo is in the emergency room.

Penny Godboldo, the child’s aunt, explained to WWJ’s Vickie Thomas that the family received a call from the facility where the child had been placed by CPS after the mother’s stand-off with police.

“[They] said that she tested positive for an STD and that they were bringing her to Children’s Hospital for an exam. And so, we believe that [she] was the victim of a sexual crime at Hawthorn because she has been in their care,” Penny Godboldo said.

The child was brought to Children’s Hospital on Monday night, after it was discovered she has an STD.

Penny Godboldo believes her niece was the victim of a sex crime while she was under state care at The Hawthorn Center in Northville, saying, “She has been in their care the entire time since she left Children’s Hospital.”

The teen was examined at Children’s Hospital prior to her placement at Hawthorn, which returned no results of an STD infection. The family maintains the daughter is not sexually active.

Now, the family is camping out at the hospital to make sure the child does not get released back to Hawthorn.

“We have done an all-night vigil protesting that. We are here at Children’s Hospital. We have been here since last night and we will not let that happen,” Penny Godboldo said.

When reached for comment, The Hawthorn Center told WWJ that employees are not allowed to speak to the media.

A CPS spokesperson told WWJ that in general, they investigate any allegations of assault, although they cannot comment on any specific cases.

The situation first caught headlines when 58-year-old Maryanne Godboldo entered a standoff with Detroit Police in late March that lasted nearly 12 hours. It began when Maryanne fired a shot at a CPS worker and police escort who arrived at her home in an attempt to take her 13-year-old daughter. CPS workers were there to take the girl after reports surfaced that the mother refused to give the child needed medication.

Maryanne Godboldo has said the state wanted her daughter to take a drug for psychosis, but she favors a holistic treatment.

Supporters are rallying behind the mother, saying their focus is on protecting parental rights. They believe CPS is overstepping their boundaries by trying to force their view on the family as to what kind of medication the girl should be given.

Maryanne Godboldo is charged with discharging a weapon in a dwelling, felonious assault, felony firearm, resisting arrest and obstruction of an officer.

Penny Godboldo is seeking temporary custody of the child at an emergency hearing Tuesday morning.

A juvenile court hearing has been scheduled for Wednesday to determine custody of the child. Maryanne Godboldo is expected to be in a 36th District Court on Friday for a hearing on the criminal charges.

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  1. Malcolm says:

    Wow, George, you are pretty messed up.
    A quick search will turn up that this woman has been looking out for her daughter: one doctor prescribed a medication for her daughter that made her symptoms worse, so the mom took her to another doctor who recommended a different treatment.
    Sounds like a pretty reasonable thing to me. Why would you say an appalling thing like that? Have you no heart?

    1. fdsf says:

      Because its the internet and he has the mind of a child.

    2. NavyDiver says:

      Maybe George should stop reading the gossip posts. George you can keep your statements to yourself and let everyone “think” your an idiot, or like now you can post your statments and let everyone “know” your an idiot.

    3. Jane says:

      Where is the law stating that CPS can use the police to be the muscle to kidnap children from their home? Doesn’t the whole “Swat team” scenario seem a bit too much drama and overkill? I imagiint it paints the picture for all to see that the mother is a really bad criminal and the good guys are the cops in full armored gear.And if they are so concerned about the welfare of the child,did anyone take into consideration the trauma they created? THis is a sick society gone amuck. Anyone remember the Mormon children (400) of them seized in a similar fashion in Texas in 2008? The government is using all agencies to further their corruption against the American people. Most of the type people working in those govt. agenices like State Mental Health are clock puncher clones who are looking for victims to harrass,humiliate and perpetuate a sick,psychotic system that feeds on the weak,the poor, and the single mother, to name a few.What happened here is becoming the “norm” as they would have you believe that it is the best interest of the child,however, this was done to divide the family and fro profit to the facilities and pharma companies.Hitler used these same methods of separting the family unit and turning the children over to the state. The state is out of control. I hope this is a wake up call to the American(not just AfroAmerican) people that the further enslavement is speedballing and it’s a monster coming to a theater in your neighborhood..The mother had every right to protect her child and her basic rights to live at peace in her own home without police interferrence. Good thing it didn’t happen in Indiana…

  2. Cathi says:

    This mother was protecting her child, as Mothers should do. In doing so she faces prison time for NOT making her daughter take a medication she felt harmful. Michigan took the child away until further notice, then the child is sexually assaulted in a “mental institution for children”. As I also reside in Michigan, overall, it looks to be like the state is harming it’s residents for its own benefit

    1. Jen says:

      She’s facing prison time for SHOOTING at CPS not because she didn’t give her daughter the medication that was prescribed. CPS doesn’t arrest people, the cops do.

      Part of CPS’s job is to look out for the well being of children…this includes ensuring that children are receiving proper medical care. If they feel that they are not receiving proper care and the parents are not ‘cooperating’ then CPS will remove the child. Now, whether or not the medication is needed is another question. While I agree and respect that people have other beliefs than I do, as mothers we need to do the right thing for our children. By not giving her the medication that the doctor prescribed, a doctor that she took her daughter to, she isn’t doing what’s right for her child. If she’s not going to properly take care of her child, which includes giving medication when needed, then CPS needs to remove the child.

      It’s also important to note that the family believes that she was assaulted while in custody…if she was, that’s absolutely horrible and the place needs to be investigated to ensure that this doesn’t happen again. The family states however that the girl wasn’t sexually active…I’m curious as to how they know this. Unfortunately, there are plenty of young children this age, both boys and girls that are. There’s just not enough information in this article to know what actually happened.

      1. junior says:

        The article stated that she had no STDs prior to being taken by CPS. Now she does have STDs. Can you say rape. And if the mother doesn’t want the advice of one doctor she has the right to have another opinion and to follow that doctors advice without fear of the gestapo coming in and taking her child. The problem is the doctor’s work for the drug companies and the more drugs they prescribe, the more money for the doctor. I would have shot at them too, except I would not have missed.

      2. Marcella Maynard Thomason says:

        Jen, I agree 100%! If she was assaulted than the perpetrator and the supervisors should be held accountable! However please remember innocent until proven guilty, The article mentioned no direct evidence to the facility…She may have been assaulted elswhere OR consented elsewhere! I feel the family is correct in insisting on an investigation but we need to withhold judgement until all evidence is in. If it’s true it is horrible but seperate from a gun waving (firing) incident.

      3. TN Hillbilly says:

        Did you actually read the article before you posted? Evidently you didnt. It clearly states the girl did NOT have STD’s prior to placement and tested positive to them AFTER placement…

        Also, this CPS office did NOT do their homework on this one. I went through a simliar incident with my own child. A state run office put him on drugs that turned him into a slobbering zombie and when he came off of this drug he went into fits of rage..I had to take them away and yes I dared them to do anything about it. lucky for me they DO do their homework here because in the end they agreed with me they never tried to take him from me.

      4. Cindy says:

        It’s like this. I was diagnosed with breast cancer a few months ago. I had a mastectomy and the surgeon sent me for 6 to 8 months of chemo. I was ready to shave my head, order my wig and prepare to be very sick for quite a while. But then I decided TO GET A SECOND OPINION at a major cancer treatment center with the best-of-the-best specialists. And you know what? It turns out I don’t need chemo after all — on top of that I am now cancer-free. So, are you saying, Jen, that because I got a second opinion and didn’t take chemo after all that it was the wrong thing to do? That’s all this mother did, was get a second opinion. The medicine CPS had this little girl on isn’t even supposed to be given to children!! The state of Michigan and CPS are the ones not properly taking care of this child, not the mother!

      5. jholderbaum says:

        Jen, Pysch meds should always be optional. It’s not like she was denying insulin to a diabetic. This is really about the mother not agreeing with one doctor’s advice (she watched her child on the drug and the side effects) and taking her chid for a second opinion. It was while she was weaning her child off the psych meds and working out a new plan with another doctor that the former doctor/clinic reported her to CPS for medical neglect. A blatant lie which is against the law. While mandated reporters are required to report reasonable suspcion of abuse, it is against the law to file a false report. Also, when CPS came with police to take the child into protective custody, they did not have a court order. Again, against the law. So, now we are looking at the professionals at the original clinic, CPS workers and police officers all engaging in illegal activity together in an attempt to take a child away from her mother and extended family. Not good for the child, not good for the family, not good for Detroit. Those people are directly responsible for this fiasco and should be punished accordingly.

      6. GetitRight says:

        she has been homed school her whole life and is Disabled. she is not some wild neighborhood teenager. She is not sexually active and since the test was neg. for std’s before she went to cps that clearly shows that something else is going on with CPS, cause she had a std now.

      7. David says:

        If someone barged into my house pretending to be cops with no warrant and threatened to take my kids then I too would “wave a gun” in their faces. What kind of a knuckle headed boot licking idiot just hands over their kids?

      8. jerri says:


        Great response, by someone who is departmentalized! If the CPS is so concerned about children welfare how about getting kids of the street or local gangs. Your answer is call the cops and take the kid. The child then get’s an STD while in the care of the State. For what? The mom did not want to give her kid medication. Medication that has medical journal studies showing it can do good however you will find the same number of studies showing the side effects or possible ” bad ” side effects. Child Protective Services and the group home also gets paid extra money for have a kid with a disability…more meds. more doctors more everything including tanks and swat. So more cost at the expense of the tax payer. Regardless if she shot at the police or not. She is only accused ” assumed innocent until PROVEN GUILTY ” You have this image of the state can no no good; regardless of what you think the CPS does not have a good track record from state to state. Are there good people in CPS yes but there are far more that are in it for money and greed than the children.

      9. anna says:

        Cps does not look after childrens welfare while they are in their care. Sexual abuse is rampant in foster care and cps looks the other way.95% of the children placed in cps care report of terrirble suffering at the hand’s of these monsters. Cps gets governemnt money for every child they take out of the home. What happened to this mother and her child is an outrage. This mother was caring for her daughter..she took her for another doctors opinion and treatment that was working. How did she ‘neglect’ her child? For cps to take this child away from everything she loved and place her in a dangerous situation (northville care facility) where she was sexually assualted is more than an outrage. I hope and pray this mother sues the cps as well as the police and everyone involved with this kidnapping!!

  3. C M DONOVAN says:

    This mother was protecting her child, as Mothers should do. In doing so she faces prison time for NOT making her daughter take a medication she felt harmful. Michigan took the child away until further notice, then the child is sexually assaulted in a “mental institution for children”. As I also reside in Michigan, overall, it looks to be like the state is harming it’s residents for its own benefit. Michigan and its governing body are money grubbing with no regard for human life

  4. Brandy B. says:

    I can’t help but feel like something else is going on here. The mother was searching for an alternative treatment. Meanwhile, the CPS can just come in a take her child and that is legal? I just don’t get it.

    1. Cindy says:

      Brandy– CPS can do anything they want under certain child protection laws. Did you know they actually get PAID thousands of dollars to take children and place them? And that they don’t even have to put the money they get for doing that back into the child protection program? Here’s a link that tells the rest of the story, with good hyper links to credible sources right in it:

      1. Desiree says:

        That is not true. This is just propoganda written to make it sound like the State is making money off of removing kids from their parents. It would be intersting to find out where all this “profit” goes, surely not into the pockets of CPS workers, which I am one of, or foster parents, or treatment providers… And there is annually a deficit in child protective services indicating that spending on keeping children safe far exceeds the actual cost. So no- there is no “bonus” for removing more kids. It just creates more work for an already cash strapped system.

        And an STD is only indicitive of one thing- she’s had sex. It doesn’t provdie any more information than that.

      2. David says:

        Desiree…. If she had no STD prior to being in State “custody” and then Shazam! she now does… well, just how in the world did she “get it”? Hmmm? And, CPS in Michigan as in states elsewhere, are all too trigger happy to kidnap kids for the golden goodies in order to pad their reports and justify their budgets.

  5. Tanya says:

    What I imagine happened, is that the original clinc called CPS when Maryanne didn’t come to a follow-up appointment. Clinics tend to do this. When my daughter had a pscyhaitric appt.and didn’t show up, the doc called CPS on me. This happens all the time, all over the continent.
    I went to a hearing before a judge, I have yet to see a judge rule in favor of the parent. In my case, the judge ruled against me. The doc who testified simply said that I, the mother, am not capable of making a rational decision for my daughter. There was no psych testing or any other formal evaluation done to ascertain whether I am able to make rational decisions for my daughter .Perhaps if I was wealthy I could afford an independent eval, and hope that the judge would pay attention to it.
    Very sad indeed, kids being ripped away from their parents, over what? over a question of medicating them. Heaven help us.

  6. Malinda Walker Chilcote says:

    According to the ACLU’s Children’s Rights Project a child is 10 times more likely to be assaulted in State Care than in their own home. If any one wants to know how child protection really works ( or for the most part doesn’t work) Read Wounded Innocents by Richard Wexler or visit I am not affiliated with either but I am a legal consultant who has seek way to much of the so called Child Protection System

  7. CupOReece says:

    If you went to the doctor and he informed you that you have cancer, what will you do? Accept it or get a second opinion? Me, I would get a second opinion. It seems to me that is what this mother did. She went to another doctor that informed her that she should try a different type of medication. Because she decided to acceept the DIFFERENT type of medication, CPS want to take her child? So, now the State has taken her child and basically gave her a STD. Another type of medication she has to take. Makes you think!

  8. Kerwyn Dancer says:

    Unfortunately, children like this are far too common. CPS, who is NOT staffed by people capable of making a medical decision by training, make them with disastrous results. I would urge the mother to find a REALLY good lawyer and go after these people.

    There is another case in Texas that I know of that is similar. Since taking the child, the child has contracted herpes (at 5 years old).

    Children are far more likely to die in the care of CPS than in their own “abusive” homes. This is fact not supposition.

    As long as this child was receiving medical care, was not a danger to herself or others, CPS had no right to make this judgement. Since CAPTA and the Mondale act, CPS should be called “Cash for Kids” instead.

  9. jholderbaum says:

    She was raped by the very people the state employs to protect her. This child will never be the same. Not another child should be admitted to Hawthorn until a complete investigation has taken place. Every child there should be interviewed privately, away from the staff. This is not the way we are supposed to do child protection. We don’t get to rape them in state custody. It has to end!

  10. Diane says:

    This is absolutely what Maryanne was trying to prevent!! It is just unbelievable that this even happened/is happening to this family! This could be any other person or parent in America. We have to stand up and against the states who think they have the right to smash their oppressive thumbs on top of OUR lives and children. This is unthinkable and unacceptable!!! Keep fighting Maryanne, we are standing with you!

  11. Julie Miller says:


    DO IT NOW!

  12. hanna says:

    I am very far from michigan but have been keeping tabs on this tragic story. I am sick with outrage. Stories such as this as become all too frquent and common. We americans need to bombard the cps office in michigan with letters of compliants. They need to know they are being held accountable for their horrific actions that damaged this child. It may save more innocent lives in future. This has to stop.Also am wondering if there is a fund for legal fee’s this mother has incurred and where to send our money. We must support this family. The only thing cps respects is money. So please get involved..otherwise we will continue to read tragic stories like this.

  13. Dana Davis says:

    I for one believe it cause I know C.P.S. isnt in the best intrest of the children. In 07 I dealt with the same facilities as Mary. I watched C.P.S. try to take my parental rights over LIES so I dont put anything pass them. They all work & cover for each other from the police dept to the medical doctors etc.. When a case goes before C.P.S. their job is to make a case against the parent not whats going on with the child & how they can help but to remove the child for federal funding. I did get my kids back but justice hasnt been done. The person that filed the report to authorities was molesting my daughter & coached her into sayn it was my son. I alerted authorities & they denied any investigation the officer said he knew the A.G. for C.P.S. & that I was coaching her for retaliation. NEVER LOOKED INTO THE CASE I HAVE BEFORE ME.So I know better than to think anything other than “Coverup”

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