Manhattan Beer Chooses eoStar: Holland-based Rutherford & Associates, developers of eoStar route accounting and management software for food and beverage distributors, said that New York City-based Manhattan Beer Distributors has selected eoStar as its distribution software provider. Manhattan Beer Distributors is one of the largest beer wholesalers in the United States. Operating out of five strategically located facilities, they deliver a complex portfolio of brands and packages to over 6,000 customers on a daily basis. Rutherford & Associates’ flagship product, eoStar, manages nearly $3 billion in consumer packaged goods for distributors across North America. The full-featured software facilitates the entire sales management, accounting, and distribution process through open-standard software and mobile applications. Simon Bergson started his business as the owner-operator of a small beverage center in lower Manhattan in the late 1970s, operating out of a 4,000 square foot warehouse with 3 delivery trucks. Manhattan Beer Distributors has managed consistent growth for over 30 years. Today, Manhattan Beer Distributors directly services over 25,000 accounts in the metro New York City area, representing over 70 suppliers and offers some of the highest quality products in the world. More at

MSU Using SRT Product To Manage Infrastructure Data, Operations: Developers at Michigan State University’s Engineering and Architectural Services recently began using ActionLinq.  ActionLinq, an open source library created by developer Brian Genisio of Ann Arbor-based SRT Solutions, is a functional data query library for use on the Flex/Flash platform. ActionLinq makes Microsoft’s data query software development best practices useful on the Flex and Flash platforms. It is a full implementation of Microsoft’s Linq-to-Objects in ActionScript 3.0. MSU is using ActionLinq for client-side data processing. It facilitates the process of pulling, merging and filtering information from geographic information systems and facilities databases. In addition to making data more functional for Michigan State University’s engineering and architectural services, ActionLinq has helped create a single user interface for the department that consolidates disparate data. SRT Software provides businesses with customized, reliable, secure software. More at


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