DETROIT (WWJ) – It worked for RoboCop.  But, can it work for the film incentives?  Supporters are hoping a webcast helps them raise enough money to kick off a statewide ad campaign they hope will help keep the incentives intact. spokeswoman Sharon Baseman says they hope to raise $46,000 dollars in pledges by Tuesday for the ad campaign. 

She says the incentives have proven time and again that they do work.

“We started a project to raise money to fund these ads about real people working in the film industry in Michigan, not Hollywood types, you know, to show how it affects the Michigan economy, how many people are gonna be hurt,” says Baseman.

 “We sent out an email blast to all the people who signed up at our site, we are pushing it on Facebook and are asking people to forward it on to their friends,” says Baseman to WWJ.

“Jeff Daniels brother, who has a lumber yard in Chelsea, and they did about $300,000 dollars worth of business from the film industry,” adds Baseman.

A telethon Webcast is being held Sunday to raise funds for a statewide ad campaign to keep the film incentives. 

Governor Rick Snyder has proposed cutting the film tax incentives as part of the states overall budget plan.

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  1. Michael Stephen Bryant says:

    “Governor Rick Snyder has proposed cutting the film tax incentives as part of the states overall budget plan.” The Michigan Film Office had already been using the $25 million cap,before it’s been voted on using some rule they found.The Repulicnas have already voted by a 4-2 margin to eliminate even the $25 million.The original vote on tax incentives is months away because it was said they are that backed up with work.But not only did they find time to get rid of the $25 milllion,but they also passed the emergency manager law.(I wonder if the President could use this same law to take back the 6 states with the new Republican governors who are acting like dictators?)

  2. Sgurket Gakkagger says:

    Rick Snyder is being told what to do by Charles and David Koch, just like Scott Walker in Wi.
    Ciitizens of Michigan fight Snyder with all you have got. Big money is calling the shots because the Koch have something to gain.
    I live in Cordova Tn. , but i have family in Michigan, my brother and Aunt both retired from Chrslyer Auto.
    All of the Governors’ elected in 2010 is trying to do the same thing., because they all plus the Republicans’ are deep in Koch wallet.
    Rechal Maddow on MSN is reporting about this Governor and this is how i learned about it. Fight, Fight, and Fight more because this is WRONG.

  3. Shirley says:

    This Mess is more than about just Unions, It’s the Whole Shooting Match:
    ALEC manipulation in Past, Present and Future Legislation and Smoking Guns in
    Michigan Legislation

    “GOP Governors Shift Burden To Poor, Middle Class To Pay For Tax Breaks For
    Rich, Corporations” by Josh Dorner on February 22, 2011:

    Republican governors are using [recent election victories in 2010] as an
    opportunity to advance several longtime GOP projects: union busting, draconian
    cuts to social programs, and massive corporate tax breaks. These misplaced
    priorities mean that the poor and middle class will shoulder the burden of
    fiscal austerity, even as the rich and corporations are asked to contribute even

    >When Republican governors speak of “shared sacrifice,” it seems that the only
    >thing they mean is sacrifices by the poor and middle class in order to fund
    >massive tax breaks for the rich and corporations.

    The Basics of Our Narrative
    What Happened to ‘I’m just a Bill on Capital Hill’?
    The average citizen of Michigan has a very inadequate concept of how laws are
    made and for whom and by who state laws are introduced. From time to time
    certain major public concerns arise when there is a wave of public concern and a
    giant push to enact a law to deal with that immediate problem e.g. a Megan’s

    Most every session of the Michigan Legislature dozens of bills are introduced
    which suggest a change in the state’s governance, codes, or laws. Some bills,
    of course, address an immediate need for reform or prompt action as a remedy for
    a “hot button” problem or crisis. Many more bills are introduced to deal with
    housekeeping affairs. Each session a limited number of bills are designed by
    one faction, or partisan group to attack and alter the fortunes of the
    opposition. Finally, many bills are introduced to effect changes in the rules
    and regulations, taxation and allocation of tax monies as would bear on the
    operations of government, private individuals, law enforcement, public
    institutions, and business etc.

    Years back a fledgling group of far right businessmen and ideologues began to
    comprehend the value of having direct and effective access to this process of
    state-by-state development, introduction, and passage of agendas into law. They
    formed A.L.E.C. – The American Legislative Exchange Council.

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