PLYMOUTH (WWJ) – Just ahead of Earth Day, Comcast is partnering with Goodwill Industries of Greater Detroit in an e-cycling event. It’s a chance to get rid of old, unwanted and unused electronic equipment.

Area residents are invited to recycle their e-waste for free at Comcast’s regional headquarters in Plymouth on Thursday, April 21 from 4:00 pm until 8:00 pm.

Volunteers will be on hand to collect and sort e-waste to send for recycling and not the landfills, according to Mark Lane, Director of Public Relations at Goodwill Industries.

“This product is not going to end up in landfills. Goodwill Industries has been partnering with Dell Computers for over eight years and we have collected, or saved the landfills, from close to ten football fields by three semi’s deep worth of electronics,” Lane said.

According to Mary Beth Halprin, Vice President of Public Relations and Community Affairs at Comcast, e-waste accounts for 70 percent of the overall toxic waste currently found in landfills and consumer electronics are the fastest growing segment of municipal solid waste stream in the U.S.

 The following items will be accepted for recycling:

– Monitors
– Computers, including desktops and laptops
– Printers, including laser and inkjet
– Scanners
– Webcams
– Hard Drives, internal or external
– Keyboards, wire or wireless
– Mice, wire or wireless
– Speakers, with or without cables
– Cords and cables, including power cords and USB cables
– Ink & Toner Cartridges, full or empty
– Software, include the license key
– Microsoft Xbox, systems and peripherals
– Microsoft Zune, systems and peripherals

If glass is broken on the monitor or scanner, place the item in a cardboard box lined with a large plastic garbage bag. Seal the box and clearly label it with “broken monitor/scanner” and the date.

The e-cycling event is from 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm Thursday at 41112 Concept Drive in Plymouth. (click for map)


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