GLADSTONE, Mich. (WWJ) – Skunks are becoming the new “it” pet — and while they get a stinky rap, they are apparently rising in popularity. 

In fact, more than 2,000 pet skunks live in the U.S. and Europe. And it’s now estimated that several dozen captive skunks call our state home.  

Joann Snowaert of Gladstone, Michigan said she got her pet skunk, Lilly, a year ago.

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Snowaert told WWJ’s Kathryn Larson that her little black and white friend gets along great with the other family pets.

“She’s fine with other animals. I had one dog and one cat at the time, and that’s fine. You just have to be attentive to raising them when they’re little,” she said.

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Snowaert says owning a little Peppi Le Pew can be grand, but they can cost hundreds of dollars, and you must go through a short list of Michigan Department of Natural Resources breeders.

 Snowaert said that once you do get your skunk, be prepared to snuggle.

“When I got into bed I’d bring her with, and she’d just ball up by my feet. If I’m sitting on the couch, same thing — she’d climb up on the couch and wanna sit with you,” she said,.

Snowaert said Lilly is litter box-trained, and that pet skunks don’t stink because when they are babies you can have their scent gland removed.

Interested? Check out this list of Michigan breeders.

If you’re really serious, you’ll need to fill out these forms, provided by the Michigan DNR:

IC 1350-1 Permits to Hold Wildlife in Captivity

PR1350 Application and Permit to Hold Wildlife in Captivity

Comments (6)
  1. Mike says:

    The might make good pets but, they sure make excellent congressmen!

  2. Eric says:

    Great comment, Mike !

  3. Chris says:

    As a fellow skunk lover, I think the article glossed over how high maintenance these critters are. I have 5 that were all “surrendered” by their previous owners for various reasons including destructiveness, being anti-social, or being nippy. Every skunk has a different personality just like our well know cats and dogs. The difference is that skunks don’t care about making you happy; it’s all about them in their world and that’s a hard pill for some owners to swallow.

  4. Paul says:

    Please stop this trend. Skunks are wild animals. Removing their scent glands is comparable to removing claws from a tiger. Breeders would do anything for money…

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