BATTLE CREEK (WWJ) – It was in 2009 when a Walmart employee was fired after testing positive for marijuana use. WWJ’s Rob Sanford said the man claimed he was using marijuana for medical purposes and sued the discount retailer. He lost that lawsuit, but the ordeal may not be over just yet.

Thirty-year-old Joseph Casias of Battle Creek was receiving treatment for a brain tumor and was suffering a good deal of pain. In order to relieve it, he smoked marijuana to reduce his nausea.

When he was asked to submit a drug test by Walmart, his then-employer, Casias obliged. Results confirmed he tested positive for marijuana, thus failing the test. He was fired.

Casias sued Walmart for his termination, but the suit was thrown out by a federal judge last winter.

Now, the American Civil Liberties Union is asking the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals to reinstate the lawsuit, based on Michigan’s medical marijuana law.

A Walmart spokesman told the Detroit Free Press the decision to fire Casias, who worked as an inventory control manager, was a safety issue.

  1. jsknow says:

    I stopped shopping at Walmart because of what they did to this man.

    I was AMAZED at how much cheaper I could buy things at other stores! Some items I found for almost 50% LESS!

    I’m very sad about what happened to this employee because of the actions of a huge company that often acts like a tyrant!

    At least I’m saving money now because of it, you will too, just shop around!

    Walmart is killing small businesses and doing much harm, it’s time WE THE PEOPLE SHUT THEM DOWN before there are no other places to shop!

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