DETROIT (WWJ) – State auditors say they discovered another Michigan community college allowing students to repeat classes over and over.

Auditors say they found 549 students at Warren-based Macomb Community College took the same class four or more times over a two-year period.  One student took algebra eight times.

State auditors say they didn’t always find appropriate rationale for classes to be repeated. 

In December a similar trend was discovered at Monroe County Community College.

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  1. Pat says:

    I’m not sure that I understand what the issue is here. As long as the student is paying for the class, what harm is there in taking it mulltiple times until they get a passing grade? They will only get credit for the class one time, so I get that they want to pull up their GPA if needed. This story seems very incomplete and frankly, this CBS web site leaves a lot to be desired. Hopefully there is more to this story to come.

  2. Jille says:

    Pat, I guarantee there’s mote to this story but you won’t find it here. There won’t be a follow up. I’ve seen dozens of confusing stories that have not been cleared up. How many repeats were audits and how many were to raise a GPA? “Auditors say they didn’t always find appropriate rationale..” or auditors don’t know why. So, basically, it’s not a story yet folks. Thanks for half a story.

  3. TaterSalad says:

    Follow the money trail on this one. They don’t want to graduate because their is government money involved if they finish the program and then they have to start to repay the money back. As long as you are NOT finished, the money keeps coming. They end up being 80 year old 2 year degree students with a repayment bill of $200,000.00.

  4. Jille says:

    That’s just dumb, Tater. Why add to your debt if you don’t have to? It’s like using a credit card to buy the same shirt, over and over and over.

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