DEARBORN (WWJ) – The Quran-burning Florida pastor Terry Jones plans to give it another try in Dearborn on Friday when he holds a protest outside of City Hall. This time Jones – who was briefly jailed last week over prosecutors’ claims that a protest outside a Dearborn mosque could lead to a riot – says now his message is about free speech.

Governor Rick Snyder, speaking live on WWJ, says the Florida pastor is welcome to protest outside Dearborn City Hall Friday afternoon, but when he’s done he can leave. “We have to respect the first amendment, but I hope he spends as little time in Michigan as possible,” says Snyder.

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And Governor Snyder seemed pretty adamant about Jones’ quick exit from the Great Lakes State, saying, “Hopefully he can return to his home state as soon as possible and stay there.”

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Rev. Terry Jones caused a firestorm of controversy by burning a Quran month’s ago in Florida that resulted in a violent uprising in Afghanistan. Jones now plans to meet with Dearborn city leaders Thursday about security concerns for his upcoming protest.

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Last Friday, Jones and an associate were briefly jailed over prosecutors’ claims that a protest outside the Islamic Center of America could lead to a riot. This Friday’s protest in Dearborn is being held in a “free speech zone” where he’s protected by the First Amendment. Arab leaders are planning to ignore Jones’ visit.