WARREN (AP) – A Minnesota man is accused of killing his 20-year-old stepdaughter in Michigan because she left home and wasn’t following Islam, police said Tuesday.

Rahim Alfetlawi, 45, was being held without bond Tuesday in the Macomb County Jail after being charged with first-degree murder in the death of Jessica Mokdad on Saturday at her grandmother’s home in the Detroit suburb of Warren.

Alfetlawi was arraigned Monday, and a not guilty plea was entered on his behalf. He awaits a May 12 preliminary examination. Alfetlawi requested a court-appointed lawyer. A number listed for the Coon Rapids man in Minnesota wasn’t in service.

Warren Police Detective Lt. Michael Torey said Alfetlawi went to police in neighboring Center Line to report the shooting.

Torey said Alfetlawi told police the gun discharged accidentally when he pulled it out, but police believe he intentionally shot Mokdad in the head.

Torey said Mokdad had left her mother and stepfather to live with her father near Flint in Grand Blanc because she did not like their rules.

“He’s a strict Muslim, she was more Americanized,” Torey said.

Authorities say Alfetlawi told them he came to Michigan to find and confront Mokdad’s father.

Torey said Alfetlawi asked Mokdad about where her father was and an argument ensued.

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  1. Enrique Prieto, Spain. says:

    Hola, soy un ciudadano de España, y aqui en Europa ha llegado la noticia de este asesinato. En mi país el gobierno socialista ha favorecido que nos invadan irregularmente muchos inmigrantes musulmanes procedente de Africa y Asia a los que les ha favorecido con permisos de residencia y cuantiosas ayudas sociales que no disfrutan los ciudadanos españoles. Se les ha concedido el derecho a voto para elecciones de la ciudad, y con pocos años de residencia la nacionalidad española, pero estos musulmanes no se integran en nuesgtra cultura occidental y democratica, y la mayoría de delitos de todo tipo son cometidos por ellos. Los politicos deberian prohibir el Islam, que es lo mas parecido a una secta maligna que no respeta los derechos humanos y democraticos, y en especial los que corresponden a las mujeres. Disculpe mi opinión en lengua española, por favor traduzcan mis comentarios y descanse en la paz de Dios nuestro señor, amen.

  2. don quijote says:

    bien dicho…well said

  3. CPU Ninja says:

    What Enrique said…
    Hi, I am a citizen of Spain, and here in Europe has come the news of this murder. In my country the socialist government has helped us many illegally invading Muslim immigrants from Africa and Asia which have been favored with large residence permits and social benefits not enjoyed by Spanish citizens. Been granted the right to vote for city elections, and with few years of Spanish nationality, residence, but these Muslims do not integrate into Western culture and democratic nuesgtra, and most all types of crimes are committed by them. The politicians should ban Islam, which is the closest thing to an evil cult that does not respect human and democratic rights, especially those pertaining to women. Sorry I think in Spanish, please translate my comments and rest in the peace of God our Lord, Amen.

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