What to expect on Paw’s 16th birthday?
10. After a night of partying Paws is going to wake up in a Vegas hotel bathroom found by 3 hung-over guys – Steve in Detroit
9. Paws will get a steak seasoned with pepper. Tigers love pepper, they hate cinnamon. Phil
8. Paws’ 16th? At least a dozen NFL players from Cincinnati will be arrested at the party. TWP in Southgate
7. What to expect with paws turning 16? He will finally be old enough to give tiger blood. Which has Charlie sheen excited? Bill in Waterford
6. What to expect from paws bday, I’m not sure but I hope Mike Tyson doesn’t find out mike Ilitch stole his tiger ~ stark
5. Paws Bday? Josh Hamilton forgot his birthday present and blamed his 3rd base coach- Joey in troy
4. from Deuce… What to expect from Paw’s 16th birthday party: the gang of mascots will get obliterated and be involved in a drive by t-shirt gun shooting.
3. What to expect from Paws’ 16th birthday party? Lawrence Taylor to show up with a cake that says Happy 18th Birthday. BP in Armada
2. What to expect for Paws birthday. Jim Leyland will eat cake while talking to the media. Ian in Brighton
1. Paws 16th? Really? Prove it. Where’s the birth certificate? John – Davison


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