PLYMOUTH (WWJ/AP) – A high school teacher with Plymouth-Canton Community Schools who authorities say brought a gun to school says he never intended to harm anyone.

Fifty-two-year-old Raymond Schepansky made the statement on Friday, the day of a court hearing in the case.

In April, he was charged with carrying a concealed weapon, carrying a weapon in a weapon free school zone and felony firearm possession. If found guilty, Schepansky could spend up to 12 years in prison.

The charges stem from an incident that occurred at the Plymouth-Canton Educational Park campus during anti-bullying week.

Plymouth-Canton Community Schools spokesman Frank Ruggirello said they became aware of threats allegedly made by Shepansky towards other faculty members on April 13.

Schepansky was asked to stay home the next day, but when school officials couldn’t reach him, it prompted concerns.

Classes were abruptly canceled for 6,300 students as police made their way to the Educational Park to secure the campus.

Not long after authorities arrived, Schepansky approached the school. He was stopped by police, who found a handgun and ammunition in his vehicle. Schepansky was taken into custody without incident.

Defense lawyer Richard Convertino said Schepansky was at the campus only to drop off a lesson plan for a substitute teacher.

A judge is expected to decide May 31 whether there is enough evidence for Schepansky to stand trial.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Comments (4)
  1. BrandyB. says:

    It will be interesting to see how this unfolds. Was he returning to the school to use the gun? If not, wouldn’t you assume he would know not to bring a gun on to campus? If not, is this really the type of educator we want in our schools? One who thinks its ok to bring a gun to school? He was warned not to show up the next day and he did anyways to what…drop off a lesson plan for his sub? PLEASE! I think he knew exactly what he was doing. I want to know what the threats were that he made and how serious they were.

  2. Drwu says:

    Any body that believes he didn’t intend any harm is an idiot! The court forgot to ask, why did he have a gun in his vehicle then ???? Oh yeah, I get now, he was going hunting … Lol

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