DETROIT (WWJ) – An airport spokesman said a Delta Air Lines flight from Detroit to San Diego was diverted to Albuquerque, New Mexico on Saturday morning after authorities investigated a “potential security threat.”

A friend of three of the passengers on Flight 1706 told WWJ that the plane was evacuated after a threatening note was found in the bathroom.

Delta Flight 1706 passenger Tim Cole described what the captain told passengers before the plane was diverted.

“The first time the captain came on, he said that there was a threat. The next time he came on to give us more details he said that there had been a note left in one of the lavatories,” he said.

The FBI interviewed some of the passengers who were taken off the plane.

Albuquerque International Sunport airport spokesman Daniel Jiron said the plane was held in a “remote location” at the airport before it was cleared for takeoff again.

Jiron said the 107 passengers aboard the flight were interviewed, as was the crew.

An FBI spokesman says authorities found “no suspicious devices” on the plane, but declined to clarify the nature of the threat.

The flight, Delta 1706, was diverted at 10 a.m.

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  1. Wally Triplett says:

    Detroit needs to be a service city, and renovating the airport and the area around it would provide jobs for the “less educated to the highly technical” people, and this would restore it’s school system, and small businesses and make the Eastern Market a productive place again. The need for small private jet service for the local teams & teams coming to Detroit is vital. Also, building a Seaport for the St.Lawrence seaway would also create 3 shift jobs, and transportation for the area. Detroit will NEVER be a “production city” again but can provide services to the world because of it’s location…

    1. Carl Asher says:

      1) Detroit already has a new, multibillion dollar airport

      2) Eastern Market is one of the few areas of the city that is positively booming.

      3) Detroit is one of the buyest ports on the Seaway.

      1. 2-late-2-matter says:

        Carl Asher is correct. Detroit has already spent gobs of dollar$ to keep its citizens employed and out of the soup kitchens.

        It could do more IMHO with its busy, perfectly-positioned waterfront however.

      2. joshbot says:

        BE AFRAID! Freedom is dangerous. The Constitution is the threat. If you don’t surrender your rights you hate America. Do not watch Fabled Enemies at youtube or ask questions.

    2. starykozel says:

      Detroit – who needs Detroit? Are you going to finance your suggested renovation works there on your own? I will refuse to do so! As you stated, it will not be production city ever again. Storage city? Storing dead-beats who cannot read and multiply? Oh, they do know really well how to multiply, but only themselves, expecting that we will continue to feed them…..

      1. Steve S. says:

        I couldn’t have said it better myself. Detroit only now has porch sitting slugs who will never work. All they want from life is a gov’t handout.

        1. mike says:

          you obviously watch to much tv

      2. Doug says:


    3. mike says:

      another clueless outsider, Detroit airport is brand new best in the Nation, Detroit is overtaking Silicon valley, Eastern Market already rocks, Metro Detroit has plenty of airports around it all of the under renovations &additions, The seaport just upgraded, River Walk extended, We are getting ready to build a second bridge with Canada to better assist heavy exports. keep up your ignorance

  2. Dewey says:

    WTH are you talking about?

  3. Osama says:

    I smell something fishy here

  4. Fanny Forbes Franklen says:

    “The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.” ~ H. L. Mencken


    1. Do they teach grammar in Detroit? says:

      Who writes these articles? This is the second article from Detroit that I have read that has grammatical errors. The first being about the illiteracy rate in Detroit and now this one. “The FBI is interviewed some of the passengers who were taken off the plane.”

      1. JackKristof says:

        “This is the second article from Detroit that I have read that has HAD grammatical errors.”

        You might want to proof read your own work before getting down on someone else.

        You sure is real smart, did ya’all go to some fancy college or somethin?

      2. TomB says:

        Actually, Jack, either can be correct. Since both articles are still in print and the error is still there, they exist in the present tense, so “has grammatical errors” is grammatically correct. Yours may be better, but this is not wrong.

        Now, do you have any actual response to FFF, or are you one of those trolls who think that pointing out spelling and/or grammar errors automatically nullifies someone’s point with which you do not agree?

    2. 2-late-2-matter says:

      Congrats. Every MBA degree graduate learns of the Chaos Theory in application to business management. Thus, their roles as arbiters are secured.

  5. nuisance says:

    You know, if this note wasn’t planted by someone in the government to scare us, I might believe it. It might help if you’re planning on placing a scary note someplace, at least try to put it somewhere people are literate.

  6. Count Yob says:

    An anonymous source has disclosed the text of the “threatening note”:

    Some come here to sit and think
    I come here to f**t and s***k

    1. Huck Pituey says:

      Unfortunately, the spelling and grammar were so horrible, authorities were unable to decipher the meaning of the note or even determine what language it was (supposed to be) written in. OTOH, their assumption that people from Detroit are a threat was pretty much spot-on!

  7. jspiers says:

    Spam to try to sell your book much? Proof the book is a joke… SPAM!

  8. bubba-thump says:

    the frightening note said “Out of toilet paper”.

    1. Laughing in CA says:

      Freaking hilarious. I really use “LOL” since I rarely (actually) laugh outloud about things I read, but this deserves it:


      Touche, good sir/ma’am/ probably sir.

  9. August Dunning says:

    Tiberuis Franklin 3minutes ago

    Well, now that the TSA is squeezing your balls looking for terrorists let’s look at the evidence of an al queda 911

    Is there any repetitive events on that date?

    yes there is!

    september 11 1776 – Franklin tells British adm. Howe, we will not rescind our declaration of independence on Staten Island, 4 days later Howe attacks Gen Washington BY SURPRISE on manhattan island at the battle of Manhattan. a year later we take staten island from the british at the battle of fresh kills.

    september 11 1812 – British sink american ships and start the war of 1812, raid our coastlines, burned the whitehouse

    september 11 1864 – british financed union troops burn atlanta to the ground – the capital of the american merchantile trade – their global competitor

    september 11 1912 – british rhodes scholar Edward House, meets with JP Morgan, Sam Chase and Goldman to plan the jekyll island secret meeting to put wilson in the whitehouse, and bring in graduated income tax, a right to work, a demand for cataloging all the living resources animal and human.

    september 11 2001 another SURPRISE ATTACK on trade buldings on top of the location of the battle of manhattan in 1776, and the dead are buried at fresh kills garbage dump on top of the location of teh battle of Freshkills in 1777

    now really people, copy and past this and spread it around. We are at war with a banking RICO orchestrated out of the central banks and the Bank of London, the majority share holder of the Federal REserve Bank of New York.

    It seems clear to me that we should now start paying attention to the fact that 50,000 FEMA officers have been hired, the entire military is out of the country, concentration camps have been built by Halliburton – are empty but manned with guards, the fox is in the hen house

    and the fat 40 something TSA guy just put his fingers up your daughters vagina…

    Now is the time to act, we may never get a better chance to bring back our republic for our ancestors; Franklin, Adams, Jefferson, Washington…and all those that died to protect our freedoms from the likes of TSA, the Banks and the Democracy turd we have as a ruler, not a government.

    1. Kim says:

      WOW it all adds up to 19. The mother ship is hovering. Calipso Louie was right..

  10. JackFKristof says:

    The “banned book” that you describe can be purchased from Amazon as of 1 min ago.

    I agree with the Obamee comment but you might want to turn your radio off and go outside. Or leave your mother basement for a couple hours

  11. Kim says:

    Hey can I smell the TSA guy’s finger? just asking

  12. Huck Pituey says:

    My heart goes out to anybody who missed a connection or lost any baggage.

  13. NoFredom says:

    We have become a nation oif cowards. Our government is now at the final stages of totally controlling the American people. We are fools and we are stupid. The greatest people in the world are told by our government to be “afraid” of bombs at the mall, airport, trains and they will protect us by taking away our freedom of speech, privacy and even our property. I am ashamed of us because “We the People will give up (give to our government) everything that our ancestors have fought and died for! For God’s sake! We have our youth fighting, dying and being mutilated over seas for what??? To protect us from what??? Bin Laden, a former CIA freedom fighter that we trained, gave weapons and money to, to fight the Russans? Now Bin Laden is dead!!! You fools, he has been dead for years and the US government is using this joke to scare us into submission and control.

    Now if a person videotapes the TSA then they get arrested??? What the hell?? People should be going in groups to airports with their cellphones and videotaping EVERY person being searched in security. What is the government going to do? Arest every American and throw them in jail?

    I will never post again….I am ashamed of the cowards we’ve become. We have the Constitution to stand with us. Peacefully standing up and saying you can’t and won’t do this to us. If you think our government cares about us and would never lie to us then google “Operation Northwoods”. This was a false flag that the military did in the 60’s to have an excuse to invade Cuba. Thankfully Kennedy said “NO! You guys are insane!” Then later he was killed.

    Don’t play into this….stand together as Americans…our children deserve to be free rather than a future of chains.

  14. JoshB says:

    Ahh, gotta love it when Drudgereport links to your local newspaper. You get thousands of conspiracy theorists flooding your comment page with their crazy.

  15. Matt says:

    My guess is they went to one of those big city, northern schools and you’re trying to cast a doubt by throwing in Southern lingo.

  16. Buck Keely says:

    “The purpose of terrorism is to terrorise, sounds like it is working… We are living in fear of an unseen enemy.. until we live our lives ready to kill or be killed we will live in the shadow of terror. Let us live and let us die free in our pursuit of life and liberty.
    Heirloom Seed, “How God plants His garden.”

  17. Rick says:

    Josh your so right LOL (I really did)

  18. Gunny G says:

    Hate the TSA? Hate taking your shoes off? Getting groped? Getting X-Rayed? Having your 1st and 4th Amendment routinely violated?

    Then thank a Muslim.

  19. Buck Keely says:

    The purpose of terrorism is to terrorise, sounds like it is working… We are living in fear of an unseen enemy.. until we live our lives ready to kill or be killed we will live in the shadow of terror. Let us live and let us die free in our pursuit of life and liberty.
    Heirloom Seed, “How God plants His garden.”

  20. LorrieM says:

    if you knew anything, you would know that Detroit Metro Airport IS NOT IN DETROIT! It’s in Romulus — quite a distance from Detroit. Metro Airport already has been upgraded, houses ripped out from long established neighborhoods, and families moving (mostly) out of state.

    Make a valid point, or just sit on your thumbs instead of spouting off unintelligible jibberish.

  21. E is RIGHT! says:

    No comment on the note..just a quick comment about Detroit…it SUCKS..Inkster sucks, Romulus sucks, Ecorse sucks, just a bunch of lazy , mouth breathing, Obama voting A-holes…that is all

  22. michael janket says:

    Guarantee that this “event” was staged just like the Patriot Act is meant to keep citizens in a vise-like grip laughingly called “security”.This is just another trick that is meant to justify the Feds cracking down on us even more. This is so obvious I am wondering why more people don’t see through this foolishness. Wake up.

  23. Adela says:

    Enough is enough !!!
    We should not allow these barbarians to terrorize us anymore.
    If our leaders care more about being politically correct than to protect the american people, than we should remove all of them from office and vote in others who are willing to do the job.
    Muslims are the ones who want to kill us.
    These are not “isolated incidents” anymore, they are almost daily occurances…
    Profile the hell out of them, monitor the mosques where all the terrorist plots are being planned, stop all muslim immigration and throw out anyone who seems even remotely suspicious.

  24. michigan says:

    Dearborn Michigan look it up

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