FRENCHTOWN TOWNSHIP (AP) – A Fermi 2 reactor operator failed a random drug test and has been barred from the southeastern Michigan nuclear power plant.

The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission says the operator’s access to the Monroe County plant is suspended for at least 14 days under federal rules for nuclear plants.

NRC spokeswoman Viktoria Mitlyng tells The Monroe Evening News for a story Tuesday that during the two-week period, plant operator DTE Energy will decide whether to fire the employee or refer him to a program for substance abuse treatment and evaluation.

Federal rules require nuclear plant workers to be tested randomly to determine if they’ve been using alcohol or drugs.

A reactor employee who fails a drug test twice will have access to any nuclear plant revoked for at least five years.

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  1. ZagYee says:

    Wow, Ok thats kinda scary when you think about it dude. Wow.

  2. Guldu says:

    Fire him, period!


    Was this Simpson in Sector 7A

  4. Dave Evans says:

    Drug testing for that kind job should be more often..If you are gonna work in that profession and abuse drugs or alcohol – firing seems like the appropriate action.

    1. Paul Kryk says:

      And how often would you like?

    2. jobin bowser says:

      Drug tests are an infringement on our rights as Americans! unless the employer has a good reason to drug test an employee, it is an absolute waste of tax payers money.

      1. c jones says:

        unless the company is overseen by the state or federal government, tax payers aren’t paying for the test, don’t want to be tested, don’t work for a company that tests.

  5. me says:

    What’s his position there? He may be the janitor for all we know.

    1. NukeWorker says:

      Read the 1st sentence… A Reactor Operator,… so I’m guessing that they were a Reactor Operator! People on drugs shouldn’t post.

  6. Unites States says:

    Was he using on the job or was he a good employee? What somebody does on ther own time OFF the clock is his own business, thats the downside of ramdom tests. If you had a good weekend your now due for a bad work week.. It will never end.

  7. The Cynic says:

    Don’t really care as long as it’s not jeopardizing his work and/or other lives. It’s his business what he does as long as it affects no one else.

    1. ed says:

      are you an idiot or do you just play one online?

  8. john says:

    FIRE the dope feen, he or she new the rules

    1. keef says:

      You obviously don’t know the rules of english. The correct spelling is “fiend” and “knew,” and I would bet this person on multiple drugs would perform his duties safer than if you were in his position.

  9. jill mills says:

    you know what people,maybe he was smoking a little weed on his weekend off,so if thats the case ,its really not fair. if he wasn’t on anything while working there should be no penality.there is no adverse effects from smoking pot, after the high is gone. so we need to find out ,WHAT WAS THE DRUG? BECAUSE pot will stay in your system up to months after smoking,more fat you have the longer it stays.

    1. Tom Lilly says:

      For anyone to say that pot is harmless only proves their ignorance. I know several people personally that have smoked the drug for many years and they are so out of it that they barely know their names. New studies have determined that long periods of smoking pot will damage the memory part of the brain, and it is far worse on the lungs than smoking cigaretts, and will cause cancer. For those of you who still think it is harmless to the body, you are probably already showing the symptims of brain damage.

      1. Roy says:

        Do you have a link to said study?

    2. Jack says:

      It’s a NUCLEAR REACTOR. There is zero margin for error. If this same guy was exposed to radiation because the plant’s safety regulations were too liberal, would you defend the plant management?

  10. jill mills says:

    are you kidding,you need to know details.

  11. Mike Wright says:

    Do you actually believe, that he is the only one. As a contractor I can tell you , that drug use is huge.Random drug tests are a joke. They usually only test the people who dont use. I have worked along side many tradesman who have worked at the fermi, and they are high dogs. They know all the little secrets to pass a drug test.

  12. jobin bowser says:

    you people are to quick to judge. if the employee is under the influence of drugs or alcohol at work then he/she needs to be fired ASAP! but if the employee has failed a drug test because of marijuana this really should not be a big deal because failing a drug test for pot does not mean that the employee was under the influence while at work.

  13. mat solocam says:

    This is all in the union contract and policies of DTE. First time he will not be fired unless he was at work using. Same goes for alcohol. All employees who work on gas/electric (hands on) are subject to the policies. To be hired at DTE as an employee in these fields they use hair testing for drugs. If yo come to work smelling of alcohol from the night before, you can be made to blow. If it registers any amount you are sent home 1st offense. I believe 2nd offense you can be fired. If you are drunk at work and blow over legal limit your fired. Forst time offender for marijuana or other drugs I believe you are sent home until you test 0. I also believe this is without pay. When you come back its mandatory testing for a defined period of time. I use to feel that what a person does at home is their business. Then I thought about it and if I was getting ready to have surgery, I want the surgeon that didn’t spend the weekend getting high. Same goes for pilot flying the plane and the guy at the controls of a nuclear reactor.

  14. mike says:

    If this was Chrysler fox 2 news would be all over this but since this is only a nuclear plant no big deal.

  15. ressa dass says:

    this is sad

  16. Buzz says:

    WHO CARES??? I dont care if uses drugs. Peopel can otften preform there jobs wyile high on dope as gooder that they not are high.

  17. lou says:

    whats wrong with drug free,especially doing a job that can wipe out millions of lives?

  18. katzie52 says:

    Then YOU go take his job, take YOUR drugs, smoke YOUR pot, drink YOUR beer, then pull the wrong switch and cause a “melt-down” so long SUCKER! glad drug testing is MANDATORY!!

    1. katzie52 says:

      previous response is in reply to jobin bowser

  19. Fermi 2 says:

    I work at Fermi and Mike Wright you have no idea about what really is happening at Fermi. Most likely, you are a contractor that does not measure up to the standard and want to make some noise. This generally implies a level of ignorance, but since I do not know you, I will not judge. This individual made a mistake and it may cause him his job. No one here will make an excuse for him or anyone else that make that same mistake. We know the requirements and we have committed to doing the job and doing it right. People you should realize, there are nearly 1000 of us working here. Rarely do we perform a task alone. We normally work in teams of two or more. If you are working in the control room there are two to three other people working with you. The number of people, quality of people, level of intelligence of the people working at Fermi and other nuclear power plants is well beyond any other industry in the world. The only place that even comes close is the folks at NASA, and they come to our industry for help in improving their performance. You literally have the equivalent of “Rocket Scientist” working at Fermi and for the most part when they look around, they do not feel special because the person standing next to him or her is just as smart and we all know it.

  20. drug test says:

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