A new smartphone app for athletes called “Suppa Time” was created to help fitness enthusiasts in their training routines by planning out and reminding them when to eat, exercise, and take their supplements.

Its designer, Joe Lorenz of Real Sports Labs in Traverse City, says it’s especially good for figure, fitness, bikini and bodybuilding competitors.

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“Suppa Time” was designed to correspond with the product The Real Deal, an exercise supplement that increases energy, strength, mental focus, endurance, and more. One of the newest supplements available to help users get through their rigorous workout routines, The Real Deal ensures users get maximum results out of their workout programs.   

The “Suppa Time” Android app organizes all components of The Real Deal program and makes it easy for athletes to stay focused.  This app can be downloaded for $2.99 at: http://www.thenewrealdeal.com/suppa-time-app.html or the Android Market.

Users of “Suppa Time” will be able to:

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* Schedule their meals, exercise routines, and supplement intake for each week
* Be provided with reminders of when to complete components of the program
* Keep track of multiple supplements and when they should be used
Although there are thousands of exercise and fitness apps available to smartphone users, “Suppa Time” explores an area of fitness that has not yet been covered by previously released apps.

“This app fills a niche for people who understand the importance of proper and consistent timing when it comes to their diet, exercise, and supplementation,” Lorenz said. “Suppa Time is the first Android app that caters to the needs of those who use supplements in their fitness programs. The app will schedule when you should exercise, eat, and take your supplements. When it comes to nutrition, timing is everything. Having the proper scheduling allows athletes to get the most out of the supplements and nutrition plan they have chosen.” 

The app also allows users to track multiple supplements at once. Lorenz thought this aspect was important to include because people who use supplements in their exercise routines usually use more than one.  Keeping track of multiple supplements and their specific timing can be difficult so “Suppa Time” organizes them accordingly to help users stay on top of them.   

Lorenz came up with the idea for the “Suppa Time” app, and handed over development to Ann Arbor-based Twisted Castle, an Android app development shop started by two cousins who are recent college graduates, Jeff Sibbold (computer science at the University of Michigan) and Bryan Kelly (computer science at Western Michigan University).

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More at www.TwistedCastle.com or www.thenewrealdeal.com.