DETROIT (WWJ) – They’re called “Relaxation Brownies” and their potent combination of supplements has some in other states calling for a ban. As WWJ’s Sandra McNeill reports, they are popping up on the shelves in Metro Detroit. (Scroll down for our video taste test!)

McNeill spotted the brownies, branded “Lazy Cakes”, on the shelf at a 7-11 in Ferndale.

Providence Park Hospital Dr. Robert Zaid said the brownies contain a potent herbal cocktail of passionfruit, valerian root and Melatonin.

“You’ve got three medications in this brownie that can cause suppression of your central nervous system. So, if you took one of them, you might be calm from it. If you take two of them, you might be more calm. But, if you take three, it’s possible that you may have issues with being able to move and maybe sleeping for prolonged times,” Dr. Zaid said.

McNeill put the brownies to the test on four willing WWJ employees to get their reaction.

One test-subject reported feeling nothing at all. As for the others:

“I was the most relaxed after an hour and about 15 minutes later it started to get waned a little bit. I started off at a six stress level, went down to a one and I’m probably at a two or three right now,” one subject said after consuming the brownie.

“I just feel a little fuzzy… I feel a little bit relaxed and not focused,” reported another test subject. “I feel like I’m having a little bit slower reaction time, so the idea that you shouldn’t be driving might be accurate.”

“I feel like I’ve actually come down from a drinking buzz, so I feel a little ‘ehh’ here and there, not myself. A little light in the pants,” the fourth test subject said.

Dr. Zaid is not surprised by the reactions.

“There’s four different chemicals inside the brownie and three of them can cause central nervous system depression. And so, the combination of the three could be causing any of those side effects,” Dr. Zaid said.

The doctor said he is concerned that there has been no testing done on the effects of taking all four of those supplements together. He’s also concerned on what effects the brownies might have on a child.

The brownies, however, do carry a warning that they are not suitable for children.

Watch the test subject’s reactions below:


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